Spring cleaning at the Productive Magazine

I came back from the GTD Summit in San Francisco and the Productive Magazine #2 is not ready yet due to some technical problems we've been experiencing... and I'm really sorry for that. As I hate being late or overdue with things and we're long overdue with #2, I decided to do some cleaning and design the Productive Magazine Editorial Processes over again and make sure we can deliver each issue of the magazine on a regular basis. Shorter but regular (monthly as the ultimate goal) I've heard voices over at the Summit that they'd rather read a shorter magazine but on a regular basis than a longer one every few months. I definitely share this opinion and let me tell you, I think we'll be on the right track with PM #3. The next issue will be due sometime in May and hopefully #4 and next ones will be as regular as ever and issued every month. Productive Magazine Team is growing! One the side note - our Productive Magazine Team is growing - apart from Me and my assistant Delfina, Lori Anderson and Dustin Wax (of Lifehack.org fame) have volunteered to participate and let me prepare each issue for you. If you also would like to volunteer and help me out, make sure to contact me. How did I design the processes for the Productive Magazine #3 and beyond? While I can't reveal all the details yet (I'll have to test them and really see what works and what doesn't) I'll be happy to let you know in the future posts about the process, for now just have a look at the Mind Map I did in the Freemind app on my Mac: Please let me know in the comments, what you liked, didn't like and would love to see in the future issues of the Productive Magazine and which format would be the best for you? P.S. The issue #2 is almost finished and should be out any day now. Again, sorry for the delay!

Posted on Wednesday, April 1, 2009 (magazine)

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