I'm still standing! Stand-up desk and productivity - Show #42

Aren't you sitting too much? In the office, in the car, at home after work? Have you ever considered standing while working? I'm Michael Sliwinski of Nozbe.com and Productive! Magazine and I have been working standing these last two months and I love it. Here's how I prepared the stand-up desk setup and how I'm doing it. Hope this helps you decide to at least give it a try!


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Here are some of my thoughts on working with a stand-up desk:

  • get comfortable shoes, with as soft a sole as possible
  • first week work only 2-3 hours standing max, your legs will feel totally destroyed anyway...
  • later try to change positions, move a lot... and work max 4-5 hours standing

That's basically how I work. As I mentioned in the video, I appreciate sitting a lot more now. I love to work in the morning standing, fully concentrated in the "action mode"... and around 1-2 pm unplug the laptop and sit comfortably to answer email or chat via Skype...

Additional benefit - I'm exercising more eagerly now - the stand up position warms me up to do more exercise. It's really cool. And totally unexpected as my feet feel really tired after I've been standing for quite a few hours. Anyway, I'm still standing and I'll keep on experimenting with alternating between standing and sitting.

Question: Have you ever tried working standing? You should try it!

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Posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2012 (office,show)

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