Tuesday, June 30, 2015

☆ Nozbe is doubling down on Android [on: Nozbe]

On the Nozbe blog our VP of Android, Staszek, wrote about our recent advancements we did on the Android platform. I'm linking to it because this is really important. We spent lots of development time to finally make Nozbe fly on Androids lower than 4.4. And apart from that, we added a widget. Our version 2.1.8 is the best Android-optimized version yet:

Nozbe is doubling down on Android

"We heard you loud and clear - Android users need to have Nozbe widget that looks and works great. For the last couple of weeks, we've been working very hard on exactly that - Android widget that saves time and thus helps you be more productive."

I'm really proud of my team here. We managed to improve performance on Android, add a cool widget... And in the new version 2.1.9 which is coming in a few weeks we'll have improved performance even more!

You know, I'm an Apple kind of guy but Nozbe is about being true to all the platforms it supports so I'm happy to report we're really making Android a first class citizen in our ecosystem.

By the way, we discussed this in the last episode of The Podcast :-)

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Friday, November 22, 2013

✔ I, NO robot. Android or iPhone or iPad? It's beyond specs, let's talk privacy.

There's this movie with Will Smith: "I, Robot". Well, I just got rid of my Nexus S and Nexus 7 devices (gave them to my team - they'll do the testing of Nozbe) and I can safely say: "I, NO robot." I'm not using any Android device anymore and I won't be doing it in the future. And not just because I'm #iPadOnly and I use my iPhone as both the wallet and phone. It's beyond the technology, my Apple-fanboy status or specs. It's about my lack of trust in Google as far as my personal information is concerned. It's about my right to privacy:

Android vs iPhone vs iPad

Recently I had a few conversations with some of my friends about how Android OS improved over the years and in many ways matches iOS and how the Android phones and tablets are better spec'd in many ways than their iOS counterparts. Apart from my personal conviction that the iPhone is a better phone (Aluminum vs plastic, touch-ID vs pin codes) and iPad is a better tablet (screen, weight, aluminum... design... and apps), what I realized is that when comparing the two platforms, we only talk about specs and design... what we don't talk about are the underlying differences between the two companies that power our devices: Google vs Apple. Here goes:

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Friday Readership: Less is more, Android army and Amplifying complaints

Today I'd like to bring to your attention a mix of three totally different posts that really made me think and challenged my point of view...

"I think I may have accidentally unearthed a whole new untapped population online: the Android Army." ... "And yet here is this new army of Google defenders, raising their spears and chanting as though you’ve insulted….Apple." - read the complete article where David talks about this new phenomenon.

"The easiest way to force the insight of what can be lived without is by playing a game of constraints" ...."It’s amazing how creative the cuts and sharp the sacrifices become when you’re backed into a corner. It’s when you have to choose that you make the best choices." - great insights by the other David - simply embrace the constraints... but first create them!

Amplifying complaints by Seth Godin

"Here's a common human trick: before you state your complaint, wind yourself up with a preface that makes your complaint even more plaintive and more vivid." - Seth explains how human language and pro-human approach can change the way people deal with you... and they'll actually help you! I'll talk about the aspects of language in business in one of my posts next week.

Have a great weekend! What caught your eye this week? What has inspired you or made you think? Let me know!

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