Thursday, February 17, 2011

Download Productive Magazine #7 with Michael Hyatt about productivity, leadership and social media

As promised, yesterday we launched the 7th (lucky number!) issue of your favorite productivity magazine with Michael Hyatt and you can download it now in PDF:

Productive! Magazine

Click here to download the magazine in PDF (~3MB) The interview with Michael Hyatt is amazing and he's sharing his secrets to productivity, success and work/life balance... .... and we've got fantastic articles by regular contributors like Leo Babauta, Chris Edgar, Pat Brans, Howard Flomberg, Mike Vardy and yours truly - here's complete Table of Contents:


If you've enjoyed this issue, make sure to check out our past issues (click here for complete archive) and forward this email to your friends so that they can enjoy productivity tips and tricks as well. Thanks for being a great reader and Productive Magazine fan. Yours productively, - Michael Sliwinski P.S. Make sure to let your friends know (a Tweet or Facebook share would help!) about the magazine and subscribe to our Productive Firm blog. Thanks for spreading the word!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Productive Magazine #5 available! Miguel Guía interview about art, passion, habits and more!

Finally the issue number #5 of your favorite productivity magazine is available for you to enjoy... and it looks like this: Productive Magazine #5 To this issue I've invited a friend of mine and one of my personal productivity gurus - Luis "Miguel Guia" Urrea (here's the link to our video interview) where he shares his productivity tips and tricks and most of all how he's been shaping good habits throughout his life. In this issue we've got great articles by a bunch of really fantastic bloggers:
      Michael Hyatt talks about scheduling "alone time"
      Leo Babauta outlines his "frictionless life"
      Howard Flomberg talks about "efficient meetings"
      ... and there are many more great articles inside
    Download your newest Productive Magazine #5 as a free PDF now! You can also click here to browse past issues and subscribe to our Newsletter Enjoy and have a great and productive rest of the week and weekend ;-)

    Tuesday, March 30, 2010

    Productive! Magazine #4 available! Leo Babauta interview and productivity tips and tricks.

    I'm happy to announce the fourth installment of our Productive! Magazine: This issue features an exclusive interview with Leo Babauta of "Zen Habits" fame:
    "Be passionate about what you’re doing. If you’re not, it’ll be hard to motivate yourself. If you’re excited about your work, you’ll jump out of bed to do it."
    Apart from an interview with Leo, we've got great articles like:
    • How to delegate if you don't have a staff? by Michael Hyatt
    • How to be productive and balanced when working from home by Stephanie Dickison
    • Poutsourcing by Mike Vardy
    • Reflections on publishing sensation - Four-hour Workweek book review by Art Carden
    • 7 Irrational thoughts that disrupt your life by Steven Aitchison
    • Zen to Done - 14-30 days to a habit by yours truly
    • and more!
    Here's my short 4-minute promo video of the new magazine: video of productive magazine 4 Make sure to download your copy of the magazine - it's a 1.9 MB completely FREE PDF file jam packed with lots of productivity tips and tricks that surely will help you get more done and live a happier life: Download Productive Magazine #4 Make sure let me know what you think and pass it on to your friends! Thanks!

    Saturday, August 8, 2009

    Productive Magazine issue #3 with Michael Bungay Stanier (August 2009)

    This time we kept our word and thanks to the common work of the entire Productive Magazine Team we've manage to release this new issue of the magazine this Saturday! Without further ado I'd like to recommend you this summer read of the magazine with a very insightful interview I happened to have a pleasure doing with - Michael Bungay Stanier - Canadian coach of the Year 2006 and one of the most respected coaches worldwide, a "Creative questioner" how David Allen calls him. Apart from the interview we've got great articles by many fantastic bloggers, so I recommend you just dive in and download this magazine right now and send it to your friends:

    Free PDF (3.7 MB)

    You can also print the magazine yourself or order a printed copy at Magcloud (only $7 bucks a copy!):

    Watch the introduction video to the newest issue of the Productive Magazine

    video of productive magazine 3 Please let me know what you think about the magazine! I'm looking forward to your feedback! Also I'd appreciate tweeting about the magazine and spreading the word! Thanks!

    Tuesday, April 28, 2009

    Get your Productive Magazine 2 with Guy Kawasaki and 10 great articles

    It's been long in the making, but today we're officially giving you the opportunity to read the second issue of our Productive Magazine and we've got great things in this one:
    • Exclusive interview with Guy Kawasaki - bestselling author, serial Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist and ex-Apple fellow
    Download your PDF version of Productive Magazine! In the magazine you'll also find 10 Great articles from top productivity bloggers about:
    • New Year's Resolutions
    • The art of s aying No
    • How to optimize your life and claim a couple of hours a week back
    • Setting SMART goals
    • Mind- mapping
    • Working in groups
    • ... and more!
    We've got great authors like Leo Babauta, Dustin Wax, Michael Hyatt, James Mallinson, Kris Rowlands, Andrew Mason, Michael Deutch, Andrew Yang and yours truly... Here's the scoop on the Table of Contents: So what's your next action? Download your issue of the Productive! Magazine at no cost (only 2.5 MB) The magazine is a total of 24 pages, 1 exclusive interview, 10 articles and most of all, it's completely free! Feel free to share with your friends and family! What do you think about this issue? Love it? Hate it? Let me know in the comments! Your Editor, - Michael Sliwinski Follow me on Twitter: MichaelNozbe P.S. The last issue of Productive Magazine hit more than 30K downloads - this time we're aiming at 60K! Help us spread the word!

    Thursday, November 20, 2008

    1st Productive Magazine launched!

    I'm happy to announce that we've just released the first issue of the Productive Magazine! 33 Pages, 17 articles, 3 MB FREE PDF download that looks like this: Productive Magazine #1 Before you download.... watch the video of me introducing you to the magazine (only 6 minutes): To download, just click here! What's in the magazine:
    • Interview with the David Allen himself - the best-selling author of the Getting Things Done book
    • 17 great articles by the most active productivity bloggers in the blogoshpere, make sure to check these out!
    Thanks to all the contributors and to everyone who helped me make this happen! After you've downloaded the magazine, please do come back to this web site and post your comments to let me know what you think! Thanks! - Michael Sliwinski (Editor) P.S. Productive Magazine is sponsored by Nozbe - Simply Get Things Done tool that keeps you productive when you're by the computer or with the mobile phone or the iPhone.