Monday, January 17, 2011

Subscribe to Productive Firm Show on iTunes

After quite a while and some back-and-forth with Apple, finally our Productive Firm Show is back in the video podcast directory, unfortunately under a new link and new name - make sure to subscribe using iTunes again: Productive Firm Show on iTunes

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Yours truly - Michael of Nozbe on WorkAwesome podcast

Not so long ago I wrote you how our regular Productive Magazine contributor Mike Vardy interviewed David Allen on his WorkAwesome podcast and today he published an interview with me:

Workawesome Michaelnozbe 11 174833

Here's the link to the podcast: hope you'll enjoy an interview with me :-)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mike Vardy interviews David Allen about GTD

One of our regular contributors, Mike Vardy (the one who's behind all the humorist articles about eventualism in our magazine) just interviewed David Allen of GTD (Getting Things Done) fame (and who's on the cover of our first issue of Productive! Magazine). Mike Vardy is the host of WorkAwesome podcast so make sure to check out this new episode and subscribe to his podcast: WorkAwesome Podcast with GTD David Allen

Friday, December 3, 2010

Clutter-free Office Space Ideas

Earlier this week I posted details how I built my home office: Home Office The idea is to have as uncluttered space as possible... and to have all the cables managed well so that they don't spoil you the fun of working (from home or in your office). My recent post was an update to my previous one, where I shared details about my last year's home office: Home Office 2 In this post I shared even more juicy details about my way of cable management and the zen-like feeling of a big Apple-store style desk. If you want to truly understand where I'm coming from, make sure to check out my initial small home-office design: Home Office 3 Never underestimate the power of an uncluttered desk I'm showing you these designs because for our firms, companies and home-based businesses to be productive, we really need to focus on creating as un-cluttered spaces as possible. For more inspiration, make sure to check out one of my favorite blogs, Unclutterer and their Flickr pool. Have a great and productive weekend! - Michael

Monday, October 4, 2010

Welcome to the Productive Firm - new home of Productive! Magazine and Show

When I founded Nozbe productivity was not my passion. It was my problem. And my web app was meant to be my solution. It helped. Me and tens of thousands busy professionals and small companies around the globe. Fast forward 4 years later and productivity has become my passion... or better yet - helping myself and many others become productive became my calling and motivation to do what I do, every single day. After Nozbe I started doing Productive! Magazine and Show It is a fun ride to be able to compile great productivity tips and tricks from the best bloggers on the Internet and put them in a free, downloadable PDF format. The same kind of fun bring me the short 2-minute videos I'm recording every now and then. New Productivity Hub - The Productive Firm I've been asked several times to do the magazine and the show on a more consistent basis... and I decided to give it a go, but maintaining two different productivity sites didn't seem like a scalable idea and I wanted to focus more on Productivity in small and medium-sized companies... just like mine. Thus Productive Firm was born: Some of the definitions of being "Productive":
  • Yielding favorable or useful results; constructive.
  • Involved in the creation of goods and services to produce wealth or value.
  • Effective in achieving specified results; originative
Some of the definitions of a "Firm":
  • a business partnership
  • any commercial enterprise
When you mix both of these you'll get this site's mission statement:
"To help any commercial enterprise (big or small) become effective in achieving specified results - that is - create goods and services that produce wealth and value"
This is why in both my future issues of the magazine and show episodes I'll focus on tips and tricks that will help you and your venture get a lot more done and be more productive. Hope you'll join me and my team on this journey. - Michael Sliwinski Founder of, Editor of the Productive Magazine and a guy recording quick, 2-minute Productive Shows.