Friday, February 21, 2020

🤩 [PL🇵🇱] Appearance in Praca Zdalna bez Tajemnic - the story of #NoOffice at Nozbe

This interview is in Polish - Magda Ferretti was asking me about how Nozbe started - why we chose the #NoOffice route - meaning - how I started hiring remotely and how I've been running an all-remote company for the last 13 years. Magda has been studying Polish companies that have remote-working arrangements and she admits very few companies in Poland so far decided to go all-remote - hope with an interview like this, the perception will change:


Monday, September 30, 2019

🤩 Productivity technology and more at the Productivity Summit 2019

I’m very excited to be participating at the end of this week live at the “Productivity Summit 2019” virtual conference - and unlike Business Systems Summit, this one is not pre-recorded but it will be done live via Zoom, so make sure to sign up:

Productivity technology and more at the Productivity Summit 2019

Sign up free for the Productivity Summit 2019

I’ll be participating in two sessions on this conference this coming Friday:

Many thanks to Augusto Pinaud and Ray Sidney-Smith for inviting me to participate in this great event! See you there!

Thursday, September 26, 2019

🤩 Talking entrepreneurship on Project Kazimierz podcast

Richard Lucas, who’s a very interesting and entrepreneurial guy living in Krakow invited me for a chat about entrepreneurship - how I started Nozbe, the NoOffice way of running it... the works - very complete interview with lots of interesting questions so make sure to check it out and subscribe to his podcast:

Talking entrepreneurship on Project Kazimierz podcast

Listen to the s5ep17 of Project Kazimierz (in English)

P.S. Recently I’m on a roll and was lucky enough to be invited to quite a few interviews for podcasts and online conferences. I’ll be posting them as they are published. Hope they’ll bring you value!

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

🤩 Pyramid of Communication featured on Business Systems Summit

Increasingly the conferences are going online, kind of #NoOffice style. Recently I was invited to talk on Business Systems Summit about my concept of Pyramid of Communication and this is the teaser video:


The conference takes place now and it's free, although you can always upgrade to a lifetime membership if you want to. Apart from catching my interview, I'd encourage you to check out many other interviews, especially Mike Michalowicz - we discussed his book "Profit First" on The Podcast.

Sign up for the Business Systems Summit here

[Appearance] Business Systems Summit

Thursday, December 20, 2018

🎄 Two organizations that do a great job of helping those in need

Charitable work is very important to me and that’s why all these years of running Nozbe I’ve been putting aside 3% of our monthly profits to charity and also I donate $1 of each copy sold of my new book 10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity and 5 PLN of each copy sold of the Polish edition of this book... but one thing is to have the money to give... and another is to really use this money for a good cause.

This year I supported two charitable organizations from my home country of Poland during the Christmas time because I’m really impressed how they’re going about using the funds to support those in need.

Two organizations I supported this time of year

One is “Polska Akcja Humanitarna (PAH)” and their “Pajacyk” program which basically caters to make sure children in dire situations get at least one warm meal a day. Very focused and simple cause, yet neglected by many. It’s not a Christmas-specific action - it’s all year long, but at Christmas I felt like I wanted to support them more this time of year. One of their key supporters is my dear friend, Michal Szafranski and he was the one to bring this program to my attention.

The other one is “Szlachetna Paczka” and their work is really focused on Christmas time - they’re helping regular Polish families help other families in very dire circumstances.

This program is really brilliant, because not only do they actively seek out the families in need, but they also really do some serious due-diligence to make sure these families are not pretending to require help, that they really list things they desperately need and that they won’t go off and sell what they received to buy alcohol or other things. I’m really impressed how they operate and how many dedicated volunteers they have that perform this hard job of finding the families and getting the gifts (packages) to them delivered.

Friday, November 30, 2018

✔️ [TV appearance!] Nozbe’s TGIF - Thank Goodness It’s Friday on Polish national television - how to work smarter?

As I’ve written here, and on the NoOffice blog and on Nozbe blog, today is Friday and in our company we treat this day differently - we don’t do the usual work - we focus on getting the weekly review done and later each member of our team can design this day the way they want: do something for personal development, catch up on reading, conference watching, learning new skills... or simply run errands - it’s all up to them... and last month our system got the attention of the Polish national breakfast television and I had a privilege of being there:

Nozbe’s TGIF - Thank Goodness It’s Friday on Polish national television - how to work smarter?

Watch the program with yours truly on television (in Polish)

How do you do Fridays?

Please read how we do them at Nozbe and if you have any questions, let me know!

And if you want to know the back story how I got to TV, here it is:

Saturday, November 17, 2018

🎬 Which mobile apps we use to run our Nozbe company? - video of my presentation at Mobiconf 2018

Last month I was kindly invited to one of the biggest mobile conferences in Europe - Mobiconf 2018 and I had a chance to do a follow up to my Infoshare 2018 presentation on the way we work. Today it's Saturday so if you want to get inspired how to work better next week, make sure to check it out:


My presentation at Mobiconf was about the apps we use to do our #NoOffice work and the way we communicate- specifically our pyramid of communication

Here's the link to all the resources mentioned in this presentation.

Enjoy, and if you'd like to also get my book on “NoOffice apps” make sure to sign up to my newsletter below this post.

It was also nice that some people who were at my presentation rally liked it. So much so that I won an award for the best presentation on the “everything mobile” track, neat! If you liked it, too, make sure to let me know!

Which mobile apps we use to run our Nozbe company? - video of my presentation at Mobiconf 2018

Saturday, November 10, 2018

🎬 Why “No Office”? Why I’m running an all-remote company? - my presentation at Infoshare 2018

In this presentation that I did in front of an audience of 500+ people at InfoShare 2018 I’m talking about the “why” of #NoOffice - why we’re running a company without an office. What are the advantages and disadvantages and why I believe it’s the future of work.

Why an all-remote team can be successful and work better!?


Apart from the big “why” I also talk about the practical aspects of running an all-remote company and why it might not make sense to rent an office space for your company/startup and why by working all-remote you can have a better team:

  • how you can make your team feel more connected... even though they don’t share the same physical space
  • how to run meetings, how to run projects, how to get stuff done together in a “no office” team
  • when meeting in person matters and when it really doesn’t - how to build a company based on trust and not just control
  • why when you’re together you’re wasting time and having only an illusion of control - how to structure communication in your team
  • why a physical office can be an additional tool for your team/company but is not a requirement - why you can hire from anywhere and how it benefits you
  • why you can save money on rent and save time and stress on daily commute

Plus lots of practical tips of running an all remote team from me - a person, who’s been doing this for the last 11 years + more tips from other companies who’re doing it as well (Automattic, Buffer, MySQL, etc.). Enjoy!

P.S. And if you want to find out how I worked on this presentation, you’ll get the whole back-stage listening or watching the episode 145 of The Podcast

Monday, August 1, 2016

✔ No Office, Productivity and Running a successful online business - where I was invited to talk about these things?

As Nozbe and this blog became more popular, I got invited to many events, speaking engagements and podcast interviews. Some in English, some in my mother tongue (Polish). Here are a few I'm really proud of and where hopefully you can get value from by listening to me talking about No Office, productivity, iPad Only and business:

Michael Speaking

(Photo credit: Wojtek Frasz - me in front of a 2000 people audience on Element Talks conference in 2016)

Here's the list. I've started with the most recent appearances (updated 20 December 2018):