Thursday, March 12, 2015

✔ This tablet "works" - why iPad is perfect for work, study and entertainment

Note: The following article appeared first in the September'14 issue of iMagazine - the leading lifestyle magazine for Apple enthusiasts in Poland. I'm a regular contributor and write my monthly productivity column there.

This tablet works

Recently, I wrote about my love for my first MacBook Air and, as I said, despite that brief love affair, right now I mainly use my iPad Air 2 for work. Some people still find that "This Tablet doesn't work". As the author of the "#iPadOnly" book and someone who's spent the last 2,5 years working mainly on the iPad, I decided to write this article to convince readers that, especially now, the iPad can be very helpful for both work and study... and play!

For a start, iPad is not Mac (or PC)

It seems to me that many people perceive the iPad as a kind of small computer without a keyboard, which makes them believe that it should work like a computer. They think: if I've got all of my files on my Mac, where will I put them on the iPad? If I'm used to doing things in a particular way on my Mac, why can't I do them the same way on the iPad? After all, everything should be the same or even better, shouldn't it?

Well, no. That's why many people who begin their adventure with iPad feel disappointed. When writing about my first Mac in the previous issue of iMagazine, I mentioned that during my transition from a Windows PC to Mac I had to completely change my habits. I had to learn many things from scratch, and learn to operate new software for doing the same things. The transition from Mac or Windows to iPad is even more painful... but looking back - it's great... and so worth it!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

✔ How I fell in love with my iPhone 6 Plus... and I wasn't supposed to enjoy it at all!

Back in September before Apple's presentation I wrote a blog post about a possibility of switching from #iPadOnly to #iPhone6plusOnly - meaning that the new big iPhone was going to be so huge that you could do everything there. I was trying to ridicule the concept. I couldn't imagine getting such a big iPhone and working solely on it. Later I wrote how I'm going to "sacrifice myself" and get the new iPhone although I wouldn't be able to use it one-handed. Then the day came I unpacked my new iPhone...

iPhone 6 plus iwallet

I got the iPhone 6 Plus a month ago when I was on our company's retreat. Along with it I unpacked my new iPad Air 2 and I wanted to make the iPad my main computing device for the whole week-long retreat. Well, it turned out I was using my iPhone 6 Plus all of the time and my iPad was collecting dust. Hm... I was surprised. Why was that?

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

✔ Will a new 5,5" iPhone convert people to not only #iPadOnly, but more #iPhoneOnly?

I'm a big fan of working on iOS devices. I co-wrote a book about working ont the iPad and I'm actually writing this blog post on my iPad. I've gotten used to working on both the iPhone and the iPad - I really use these two "computers" all of the time. I carry my iPhone with me at all times... and my iPad most of the times. I hardly ever use my Mac. Now, tonight Apple will supposedly unvail two new iPhones. According to John Gruber, one will be 4.7" and the other 5.5" and the bigger one might have kinda iPad-like features. Will it mean people will use the iPhone even more for their every day computing?

Will a new 5,5" iPhone convert people to not only #iPadOnly, but more #iPhoneOnly?

I switched to using iPad and iPhone for most of my daily work tasks 2 years ago

Yes, the moment I got the 3rd generation iPad (with Retina display and 3G connection) I started migrating my work to the iPad. Started using my favorite apps and loved it. Later I upgraded to 4th gen iPad and now the iPad Air.

I've been hardly missing my PC anymore. I write all about it in my #iPadOnly book. However, recently I noticed I could get lots done on my iPhone as well. I've had all the generations of the iPhone, and my newest, iPhone 5s with the touch ID is really amazing. The screen is big (compared to the iPhone 4s) and the battery life is OK... and the touch ID is cool now that it works pretty reliably. Now, what happens if I get the iPhone 5.5"... is that I imagine using it even more for work. Here's why:

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

✔ Why I'm working only on my iPad? Quick, pecha-kucha, 6min explanation by yours truly - Productive! Show #76

Why go iPadOnly? Three reasons and three benefits. As you know, I am the co-author of the "#iPadOnly" book where together with Augusto Pinaud I promote a new work-style. In this video I'd like to show you, in the simplest possible way, why, a couple years ago, I decided to switch my Mac Book Air to iPad and make it my number one working tool. See what are the consequences and benefits of that decision.

iPadOnly book

Question: What is stopping you from going #iPadOnly?

Please post your comments below, thanks!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

✔ My favorite iPad keyboards & stands - Productive!Show #67

As one of the few productivity guys out there working almost exclusively on the iPad, I get asked a lot about my favorite iPad keyboards and stands. Here are my top accessories for the iPad: Logitech Ultrathin mini and K760 keyboards and the Slope and Trust iPad stands.

Question: Have you tried these? Which other accessories you use with your iPad?

Please post your comments below, thanks!

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

✔ My slim iPad Air gadget bag - Productive!Show #64

As I work mostly on my iPad now I need to have a great bag for my #iPadOnly work to fit my iPad Air, Logitech iPad Mini keyboard, stylus, ballpen, Lightning charger with cable and Lightning-HDMI adapter. This bag is called "Lacoste Crossover Slim Bag" and it's a very nice, slim and handy bag - perfect to carry my iPad Air when I'm out and about.

Question: Which bag do you use to carry your iPad?

Please post your comments below, thanks!

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

✔ iPad is just a PC? A kinda PC without keyboard? Or is it?

A few days ago I received a very nice email from one of #iPadOnly book readers - Jean-Michel: "I just subscribed to #ipadOnly, but it is because I'm not convinced at all :)" and he said that basically computers are just generic tools, like swiss-army knives... and that iPad is just a mobile computer, and because it lacks keyboard it's actually even a little worse than the "traditional" computers.

Great points, good questions. Let me address these in this post (writing on my iPad Air with iPad mini keyboard attached to it :-)

iPad PC

As you can read in my intro to the #iPadOnly book I was involved with the computers for a very long time. I got my first IBM PC XT when I was 10 and now I'm 34 so it's been a long ride. I switched to Mac in late 2008 and to the iPad in early 2012. That's why I have some background and prior experience with various computing setups and that's why I really believe the iPad is DIFFERENT than a traditional computer and it's changing the way we're approaching computing. For three big reasons. Let me explain:

Thursday, August 8, 2013

✔ You don't need permission to change the world: how I co-authored, self-published and best-seller'ed my first book

It's been almost a month since the #iPadOnly book was published. It's the first book I wrote and published in my life... and it's the one I co-authored with Augusto Pinaud and it already became an international bestseller in only a few weeks on sale at a pretty "high" price for an eBook ($9.99). I already shared the story behind writing the book earlier on this blog but in this post I'd like to focus what happened after the book has been published and how I feel as a first-time, best-selling author. Hope it'll inspire you to write the book you've been meaning to write for a while now.

You don't need permission to change the world: how I co-authored, self-published and best-seller'ed my first book

Unique moment in time - you can choose yourself!

I've been a long-time Seth Godin fan and what he's always been preaching on his blog, through his books and in the interview he did with me is that we're in a unique moment in time and we can choose ourselves and not wait to be picked. We can self-publish, self-create, self-show... in other words: "there it is, I built it, hope it resonates with you"... and that's why I wrote a series of blog posts about the #iPadOnly way on this blog and later emailed Augusto and asked him to write the book with me. Now that the book is published, here's what happened and what happens next, and what you should do about it:

Friday, June 21, 2013

✔ How I wrote the #iPadOnly book with Augusto Pinaud

I just wrote my first book with my friend, Augusto Pinaud. It's called "#iPadOnly - how to only use your iPad to work, play and do everything in between" and it's going to hit virtual bookshelves in a little over a week. This post is a quick summary of how the book came to be, how we both wrote it (living on different continents) and why we had so much fun in the process. Here we go!

How I wrote the #iPadOnly book with Augusto Pinaud

I wrote a few blog posts on #iPadOnly

It all started when I decided to use my iPad as my main computer last April and blogged about it - I liked the process so much that I started blogging more and over the last year wrote ~20 blog posts on the topic. I thought this topic deserved a book. A first post-PC book that will show everyone that yes, you can use only your iPad to work and yes, after a few annoyances that come with a migration, you'll love it as much as I still do.

However, I knew I wouldn't be able to write the book myself. I have a successful company to run and don't have the time to write books, right? Then I saw the series of blog posts from Augusto on the same #iPadOnly topic. After a little thinking (like, 5 minutes) and a little analysis I realized that:

  • Augusto is a full-time writer (he has more expertise than I do, writing books)
  • He is working on his iPad longer than I am and he's also passionate about the whole iPad-only thing
  • He is also a GTD-guy as I am although he's using OmniFocus instead of Nozbe (well, not anymore he isn't :-)
  • We both speak Spanish and English, so we can communicate in either language (and we did, more on that later....)
  • We "met" several times online and we like each other...
  • With a co-author I might find the time to write this book... I think...

Well, after another 5 minutes I fired up an email his way that went like this:

"Hello Augusto, I'm not sure if you already realize this, but we're writing an #iPadOnly book togheter. What do you think?"

And he said yes. We got together on FaceTime and nailed the details and the rest, as they say, is history. Here's how we wrote this book:

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

✔ Mini or Maxi? Which iPad is good for you?

This is an excerpt from my upcoming #iPadOnly book that I'm writing with my friend Augusto Pinaud. We're aiming at finishing our draft this week and we're aiming at publishing the book at the end of May, right before WWDC. Today I'll discuss the differences between the iPad Mini and the regular iPad. Which one to choose?

Mini or Maxi? Which iPad is good for you?

I started working #iPadOnly in April of 2012. Half a year before the iPad mini was introduced. Now half a year has passed after the Mini introduction and people ask me whether they should choose the "big" iPad or the "mini" one. In my household we have two iPads - the big one (mine) and the small one (my wife's). Here's what I think about both of them.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Part 18 - My life in the cloud thanks to the iPad

In this series of posts about working on the iPad I mentioned several times how clouds are very important and how I was forced to set up my "data in the cloud" because of the constraints of the iPad... well, after 9 months of working on the iPad it's even more so now.

ipad in the cloud

I run Nozbe - which is a cloud service as such, so I'd be the first person to use the cloud more extensively than the other guy. Well, not so fast. As I was mainly working on a "traditional laptop" I never had the time to move everything I had to the cloud. I always wanted to, but I was used to my "local" setup with "local" backup and such... to only realize this is not sustainable when you work on the iPad all day.

I was forced to go cloud only. Before I moved to the iPad, a free Dropbox account was enough for me. Now I pay for their premium plan to have all my data there. Same with Evernote. Here's why:

Friday, January 11, 2013

Who can do their day job effectively on the iPad?

8 months ago I made a decision to start working on my iPad as my main computer. Over these months I got to know the strengths and weaknesses of the iOS platforms and although I still need to work on my Mac Mini from time to time, most of my day to day job is now done on my iPad. Can you get your work done on the iPad as well? Let's find out.

ipad only jobs

I'm an entrepreneur running Nozbe so I wear many "hats" in my job. I write a lot... and then as the "product guy" I design my product, get and give feedback to my developers and designers... and as a CEO I do some spreadsheets, presentations, email, IM, calls... and I blog, do social media and more... and I travel a bit. If the iPad fits my lifestyle, it's probable that it will fit yours... let's dive a little deeper into this:

Some jobs that can be done on the iPad:

1. CEO of a company

You can use the built-in for email as well as the Google's Gmail. I use both (Gmail mainly for a quick search). Spreadsheets - I use QuickOffice HD for Excel (with Dropbox and Numbers (synced via iCloud with my Mac). For presentations I've always been using Keynote and thanks to iCloud I put all of my past presentations there as well.

For keeping in touch with my team I use Nozbe (we communicate through comments attached to our tasks), iMessage, Facetime, Socialcast and Skype. iPad is a very well communicated device.

2. Writer

I write using AI Writer (synced via iCloud) and Nebulous (synced via Dropbox). iPad is perfect for writers as you can put the screen vertically (perfect for typing with an external keyboard) and the one-app-open-at-a-time paradigm helps you focus on writing instead of checking other stuff.

3. Blogger

Most platforms like Wordpress, Tumblr and others have dedicated blogging apps for the iPad now. And great web interfaces. I blog on my own platform that syncs my Dropbox files to the web, so it's even easier. And I use Markdown. Both apps I mentioned above support it. Moreover iPad has some of the best social media apps out there. I use Tweetbot, Twitter, Hootsuite, Facebook and Facebook Pages and Google+. iPad is a great social-media-blogger type of machine.

4. Traveler

10 hours batter life, half a kg weight, fits any purse (or man-purse for that matter), iPad is a fantastic device for traveling. I should know, last year I went on a trip to the USA without my laptop for the first time and didn't miss my good old MacBook Air. With dedicated travel apps for flight tracking, hotel booking, navigation and maps, it's hard not to make it the best traveler's friend.

5. Programmer

This is a tricky part. I do some of the programming still (not as much as I used to - my developers are a lot better than me!) and while I love Textastic app and the vertical screen, to really effectively program you need at least two screens (or a wide 27" screen like I have). That's why I do occasional programming on the iPad but for a longer coding session I still choose my Mac.

6. Product guy

I spend my days designing new features for Nozbe, testing what my programmers and designers have developed and sending lots of feedback. Thanks to great apps like Paper (where I sketch ideas), Skitch (where I draw visual feedback)

7. Busy professional

Well, that's me and you - a mixture of the above points. My experiment with going " iPad only" has been a success and I'm not coming back. I love the fact that I can take my iPad anywhere I want in my small man-purse and nobody really knows I have a real working machine with me at all times. I don't need to search for a power plug as I have more battery than I need for a full day's work. My iPad syncs perfectly with my iPhone through many cloud apps so I'm on top of things at all times.

Question: Is the iPad well suited for your job? Do you think iPad can work for you as the only device? Share your experiences below!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Part 16 - why I (still) need a Mac Mini - iPad as my main computer

I received lots of positive responses to my last blog post about my new 2012 home office where I highlighted how I had to redesign my home office to accommodate my two new working habits: working most of the time standing and going iPad-only. However there were a few questions about my setup - mainly why do I need a Mac Mini with a giant Thunderbolt Display when I'm usually working on my iPad... In this post you'll know why:


I work on my iPad 80% of the time so I still need a "normal computer"

I'm a computer geek and a founder of a software / productivity company so how can I test our Mac or Windows versions of Nozbe if I don't have a computer? How can I test other software and see where the industry is going if I don't have it? Even though I no longer need a "traditional computer" for day to day work so much, I still need it. But it goes beyond that, I use my Mac Mini in many different ways that compliment the iPad.

Why not to use my MacBook Air hooked to my display rather than a Mini?

Before we dive into my usage of Mini, let me explain this one - Mini is a desktop computer and it's ON all of the time. Like, 100% of the time. Like, 24 / 7 / 365 of the time. My MacBook Air is a "portable computer" that can be unplugged, moved, used somewhere else, put to sleep... etc. And I need a computer to be ON all of the time in my home office. I even bought a special UPS device to keep it powered up even if the electricity goes down at my home for a few minutes. My Mac Mini is ON all of the time and it's there waiting to be used... and being used... now let me tell you in how many ways I use it.

My Mac Mini compliments my iPad and does so much more

1. Mini syncs my "clouds" locally

My iPad only setup is a cloud setup where I use Dropbox, Evernote, iCloud and other cloud services. It's all nice and sweet, but call me paranoid and I like to have a local copy of my "clouds" in my home. My Mini is on all of the time and has all these services turned on and syncs everything locally all of the time. I add an Evernote note? It syncs to my Mini. I upload something to Dropbox? Box? Google Drive? It syncs there. This way I have a local copy of everything I do on my iPad right there on my Mini. And the Mini is being backed up to Time Capsule securely every few hours every day so I even have a second local copy of everything.

2. Mini runs "LogMeIn" with M$ Office for Mac and other apps

Because my Mini is running all of the time, it has a LogMeIn session open all of the time, as well. This way I can log in to my Mini and see its desktop from anywhere in the world. I can fire up a fully-working MS Office Word or Excel file if it renders so-so on my iPad and other apps that still are not working well (or do not exist) on the iPad. I have also access to all of the files I have so I can copy something to the "cloud" if I don't have it there yet for some reason.

3. GIT and Dropbox and Textasitc

Speaking of apps that still work poorly on the iPad, it's hard for me to get the latest versions of our source code on the iPad from GIT. I can access GitHub repositories but it's still not the same as getting all the source code locally. With my Mac Mini running GIT software I can pull the files from GIT to my Mini and they'll automatically sync with my Dropbox and later I can code on the iPad using Textastic and push them to the GIT later. It's a geeky setup and I don't code as much anymore, but it's useful to have my Mini as my "code management" computer.

4. Heavy Lifting and scanning... and printing

Although I try to edit all of my Productive Show videos on my iPhone or on my iPad directly, sometimes I need to edit them a little more on the Mac. My Mac Mini has 8GB of RAM and is powerful enough for such tasks. I use it for video editing, photo management and other tasks that still make it better than the iPad. I use it basically for all the "heavy lifting" tasks.

I have a multi-purpose printer and my Mini runs an "AirPrint" server on it so that I can print stuff directly from the iPad. The Mini is also connected to the scanner so that I can scan the documents using Image Capture app and put them in my Evernote or Dropbox (depending on the files). Mini is my "back-end" :-)

5. Background flows

Apart from syncing my clouds, the Mini can later do something with these files. I have set up a number of "Automator tasks" (Automator is an amazing "batch creation" tool that helps you create automated scripts on the Mac) that run in the background. This way when I upload a video file to the Mini, it uploads it to appropriate folders and web servers without me clicking anything. In the background. It does a lot more, but the flows I design for the Mini make my iPad even more powerful. It just works in the background and does all the magic there :-)

6. Mini is our "home computer"

It's a Mac, so I set up several accounts there and if someone from the family wants to use a computer, it's there for them to use. It has fast internet, Skype, Facetime camera and other goodies so anyone can use it. It's there if someone really needs it and they do sometimes.

7. Increasingly important in my transition period to the iPad

I'm working 70-80% of the time on the iPad. And I'm aiming at 90% for the 2013 and maybe even more than that. But for the time being I still need my Mini to help me make the transition smooth and painless. If I need to get something done quickly on a traditional computer, it's there for me. I expect to use it less and less each month but it's my backup computer and as I for the reason I mentioned above it gives me a piece of mind and the fact that it syncs all of the "cloud" work I do to my local file system is a nice bonus.

And my MacBook Air? I don't know. I still use it from time to time but now that my office is Mini and iPad based, it's starting to collect dust. We'll see what I do with it next year.

How do you use your "traditional computer"? What do you think I should (or shouldn't) use Mini for? Do you have your "Mini" in your home office?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Part 15 - why iPhone matters - iPad as my main computer

Last week I watched the keynote where Apple showed off their newest generation of iPhone, the iPhone 5. Before unveiling their "new baby" they reminded us of some great statistics concerning the adaption of iOS and "iDevices" in general... and this prompted me to write this blog post - to highlight to you how going iPad-only is easy when you are an iPhone user. Here's why:


My iPhone 4s and the new iPad are made for each other

First off, both the iPhone and the iPad use the same operating system - iOS, which in many cases means the same (or very similar apps), the same file system (or lack thereof), the same cloud services and practically the same workflows. It's very easy to set up the iPhone the same way you set up your iPad - with very similar home screens with apps.

Now, thanks to iCloud, Dropbox and other syncing mechanisms, most of these apps can "talk to each other" and stay in sync. This way, you can very easily start your work on the iPad and finish it off on the iPhone. And the other way round. This happens to me all of the time.

Some apps I use on both the iPhone and the iPad:

I've got the same email accounts set up on both iPhone and iPad's Mail app. I use Reeder to read RSS news and Pocket to read the articles I saved for later; I use Evernote to store and access my notes, I use Nozbe on both devices (duh!), Dropbox and apps that sync using Dropbox (like 1Password for passwords and Nebulous writer for my texts), I access Facebook, Twitter (using Tweetbot for iPhone and iPad), Pinterest, Socialcast and other social apps as well. And Skype too (making my iPad a giant telephone :-) And these are just a few examples that come to my mind. There are a lot more apps that I use on both platforms.

Why it makes sense to work on both the iPad apps and the iPhone

  1. I don't need to take my iPad everywhere... and still can be productive. As I mentioned on one of my Productive! Show episodes it makes perfect sense to forget a laptop or even iPad and just take a smartphone on a business trip and still be productive. Although my "iPad only" bag is pretty small I'm very often surprised how much I can get done on my iPhone only. Just because it has the similar apps as my iPad.

  2. I'm used to working with constraints... when you go iPad only - so working on an iPhone is no more a problem. Before I started my iPad only experiment I was already getting some stuff done on my iPhone... but now that I'm mostly iOS-based as I work on my iPad most of the time, working on the iPhone is not a big deal so again, I can just leave home with my iPhone in my pocket and still get a lot stuff done if I need to just on this small device. I have the same flows defined on my iPad as the iPhone, after all.

  3. iPhone has some "other apps" that are very useful at times. Still, there are more iPhone apps than the iPad apps out there - and sometimes I even get to the point that I install an iPhone-only app on my iPad to use it infrequently there "scaled", because I need it so badly, but most of the time I just keep those on the iPhone only. Again, that's a great thing about the iOS - you can install iPhone apps on the iPad... they just look very weird. But they are there if I need them.

The last argument - the look-and-feel is the same

That's the thing. I can't imagine working on the iPad and using and Android or Windows phone. I do have both of these phones for testing purposes and I do need to use my Android phone from time to time, but my main phone is the iPhone. And its look-and-feel is almost exactly the same as the iPad's - and this boosts my productivity as well. I don't need to adjust to a different menu, set of apps, anything else... when I'm on the iPhone. The only thing I have to adjust to is the small screen. And nothing else.

How do you like your iPhone/iPad combo? Would you give up one of these or do you think they're made for each other?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Part 14 - AppleTV air-plays magically - iPad as my main computer

Over the course of my iPad only trip I've found many other "peripherals" help me get the job done. You've seen my iPad gadget bag with all of my cables and stuff I take on every business trip. But there is a small (and relatively cheap) device from Apple that makes the iPad shine even more:


The AppleTV - your external iPad only monitor

I've highlighted many times over that having two monitors can double your productivity and while I've stayed single-monitor only for the last few months because I enjoy "focused" productive work on a single screen of my iPad, I very often need additional screen estate. This is where AppleTV comes in.

AppleTV - not only for shows, Netflix, Hulu and iTunes

Well, I have two AppleTVs - one in the living room and one in the bedroom - and while I use them mostly for watching movies or TV shows (and being a movie geek I'm iTunes, Netflix and Hulu Plus subscriber) I recently found a great way of using the AppleTV for much more than entertainment thanks to the magic of AirPlay.

AirPlay on AppleTV adds more magic to the iPad

AirPlay is a technology that enables you to stream via wireless network what you're seeing on your iPad (or iPhone - and I use both). It works like magic - you watch a video clip on your iPad and you click... and "bam" - you're seeing it now on the big screen attached to your AppleTV. Whenever I show this to someone, they can't believe it. I hear lots of WOW's right there.

My favorite way of using AirPlay is streaming YouTube videos to my screen - whether they are Glee songs I found on my iPhone for my daughter or Ted presentations for myself. I prefer to watch these on the big screen - it's a totally different experience.

Note: With Mountain Lion AirPlay is also available on the Mac, but it's a lot more fun on the iPad or iPhone.

AirPlay and Productivity - mirroring beyond YouTube :-)

Here's how I've recently been using AirPlay to boost my productivity on my iPad (and have some fun in the process) - by doing AirPlay mirroring (meaning - showing exactly what I see on my iPad... on that other screen) of what I do on my iPad:

  • Brainstorming - recently with a friend of mine we've been brainstorming about a project. I could quickly draw or write stuff on my iPad and we'd interact by him seeing what I was doing and correcting me on the fly. Totally better than him leaning over my shoulder and trying to see what I do on my small-ish 10 inch screen.
  • Shopping with my wife - we do shopping online and when we do it, I pull out my iPad, mirror it to our screen in our bedroom and she quickly tells me what to buy when I pull out our shopping list. We do shopping like this very very quickly.
  • Social browsing - same goes when I want to browse some web sites with my team or friends (or wife again) - I mirror the iPad's screen and we browse this together and comment on what we're seeing.
  • Photo-shows - watching photos together, deciding which to keep and which have to go on the iPad is beyond fun. Especially that I have my entire Photostream (from my iPhone) automatically there on the iPad. Beyond cool.
  • Keynote Presentations - I'll be recording some new presentations for Nozbe and our upcoming productivity course... and I'm using Keynote on the iPad and stream stuff through AirPlay to the projector screen.
  • Seeing a bigger picture - sometimes I just want to see something on bigger screen to think about it. I pull it out and look at it from a slightly bigger perspective (my 42" LCD is much bigger than the iPad :-)

AppleTV is not a toy... but it is!

If you're serious about your productivity and about going wireless, and are using iPad as I do (or even an iPhone) - make sure to get at least one of these boxes. They're relatively cheap ($99) and they work like magic.

AppleTV is fun and powerful on its own. With AirPlay it's extremely powerful and makes my day every time I use it.

Have you ever tried AirPlaying through an AppleTV? Or maybe other device? What did you do? Did you find it useful? Or fun? Or both?

Best regards,

- Michael