Friday, March 10

💡 3 reasons why I'm enjoying my jet black iPhone 7 Plus so much?

I've been writing on this blog for a while about my iPhones and my special love for the "Plus size" iPhone but now that I've had the latest iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black, my love grew even stronger for this particular device and I'm enjoying it even more. Here's why:

Why I'm enjoying my jet black iPhone 7 Plus so much?

Plus size is almost perfect!

Yes, I still love the big screen - the more display real estate just helps me get more things done every day. Can't express it enough, it just works. When I look at the smaller size phones I'm like: "how can you use this tiny thing?" - and that's my point of view even though I'm a relatively short guy with relatively tiny hands.

It's "almost perfect" because I'd love the screen to be big but the phone to be a little smaller... and there are rumors about the upcoming 10-year anniversary iPhone that will be just perfect for me... let's see!

Jet Black finish is gorgeous!

The new Jet Black finish just rocks. I love it. It's the first iPhone since I don't know when that I'm not using a case for. I'm just using it "bare naked" all the time and I'm enjoying every moment I hold it in my hands. The Jet Black finish is not as slippery as the other ones so it just works great without the case.

Yes, it scratches a lot. I have lot of "micro-abrasions" on this thing but I don't care. It's still beautiful.

Double-camera action is amazing!

Usually there would be no difference between the standard iPhone and the Plus size apart from the size... but now with 7 series the Plus version has two cameras and it's amazing. Especially if you're taking pictures of kids, having the 2X optical zoom or the "portrait mode" help take amazing pictures of your loved ones. Now that I have three kids I appreciate it even more.

Question: Which iPhone or smartphone do you use and why? Have you tried the big Plus iPhone?

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

✔ iPhone Only on vacation? Why it’s not a good idea to bring your laptop or iPad on vacation.

I just got back from a “honeymoon” with my wife. We took a romantic trip to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary. We try to go on a getaway like this every year and almost always succeed. While we’re gone, my parents take care of our girls, so we can spend some time alone. This time we decided to go to Italy and we didn’t take our laptops. I just took my iPad Pro.

iPhone only on vacatiion

Note: The following article appeared first in the 5/2016 issue of iMagazine - the leading lifestyle magazine for Apple enthusiasts in Poland. I'm a regular contributor and write my monthly productivity column there.

Why did I bring along my iPad Pro?

Good question. I took it because I had to write an article; because I always travel with my iPad; because I’m "iPad Only" and in case I needed to do some work, I could do it on my iPad; because if there aren’t any interesting movies at the hotel, I can watch something on Netflix on my iPad; because it’s much easier to book a hotel or read a tour guide on iPad’s bigger screen...

There are many reasons to travel with your iPad.


Friday, August 28, 2015

★ Why I love living on the cutting edge of technology: gadgets, iPhones and Nozbe on latest iOS

In less than couple of weeks Apple will unveil the latest iPhone and together with that the latest iOS 9 will be announced (plus the watchOS 2). And as always I'm going to upgrade everything there. And what's even better, Nozbe will also be upgraded with latest iOS features on day 1. Here's why I love living on the cutting edge of technology:

living on cutting edge

I'm a gadget guy - I love gadgets so being able to test the latest and greatest appeals to me a lot.

We have to be prepared - just check out Radziu's post - Nozbe will have most of the features on day one because we test them as they show up.

I love technology - I can't wait to see what's new on the market and how our lives can be improved by technology. That's why I love this time of year to be able to really test the latest and greatest.

I really love my job!

Question: are you a gadget person?

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Monday, August 24, 2015

★ Writing code on the iPhone 6 Plus. It can be done! How I wrote my "dice" app...

The other day my daughter and I wanted to play a board game. But we couldn't find a dice. I instinctively started searching for a dice app on the AppStore but what I found there were some shady apps. So I decided to write my own dice web app... How hard can it be, right? Especially that I had only my iPhone on me and no additional computer within my reach? Well, here's how I did it:

code on iPhone

Firstly I needed some graphics. I downloaded the images from Wikipedia to my camera roll and uploaded them to my server using Transmit app.

Later I opened Textastic app and created a blank index.php file and right from that app I uploaded it to my server next to the images. Then I wrote a simple code with my iPhone using the Textastic app and uploaded the file to the server again. The code basically rotates the dice images at random. Easy.

That's it, my dice app was online and both me and my daughter used it to play the board game. And she loved our new dice :-) The whole process took me less than 15 minutes and it was so much fun to have done it on the iPhone.

P.s. As I have Git installed on my server I could have used Prompt app to commit my new dice app to Git. Geeky, but so cool!

Question: What have you created on your iPhone lately?

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

★ My iPad setup. And accessories. How I get things done on my iOS devices.

Although I bought an enormous iMac 5K I still use my iOS devices as my main computers: my iPad Air 2 and my iPhone 6 Plus. I keep receiving questions about my setup. What keyboards I use? Which accessories I recommend to buy? I've talked all about it on my blog but let's put all the answers here:

My iPad setup


I still use my Logitech Ultrathin with my iPad. I just love typing on it. Here's my review of Logitech Ultrathin. I also use other keyboards from time to time.


I use a standard Smart Cover from Apple. I don't like bulky cases on my iPad. That's how I roll.


When I carry my Canon camera, I put my iPad inside the camera bag - it has a special place for the iPad.

When I just want to carry an iPad and nothing else, the Japanese messenger bag comes in handy.

Last but not least...

And when in my home office, I use the Dekke Slope stand. You can see it on the photos. It's very practical and it looks amazing.

I touch type even on glass. Thanks to the TapTyping app. Get this app, it'll help you be a really proficient iPad owner. And of course I encourage you to read my and Augusto's #iPadOnly book.

Question: how do you work on your iPad?

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Monday, June 8, 2015

✔ iPad nano: iPhone's no longer a one-armed bandit but that's actually OK!

As we're about to watch a new Apple Event, I decided to post this article which I wrote a while back... updated with my experiences of now. It's not only about the iPhone 6 Plus which I love using but also about how Apple decides what's good for us.

In September 2014, Apple presented two iPhones. One of them was big and the other... even bigger. They used to believe that 3.5 inches is the only right screen size for the iPhone... later they changed their minds and decided that nothing will happen if they make it a little bit longer... I agree, nothing happened... but now they decided that the bigger the better. Unfortunately, increasing the size marks the end of an era in the iPhone's history.

Note: The following article appeared first in the November'14 issue of iMagazine - the leading lifestyle magazine for Apple enthusiasts in Poland. I'm a regular contributor and write my monthly productivity column there. This is a supplement article to what I've already written on my love for iPhone 6 Plus.


iPhone can no longer be used with one hand

I tried. Though I may be short and small-handed, until now I didn't have any difficulties with holding my iPhone 5s in my right hand and operating it solely with my thumb. No problems whatsoever. But with iPhone 6 it's not that simple. It's thin and rounded... but for me - too wide. I tried once, twice, three times... but unfortunately I can't hold it securely with one hand. With iPhone 6 Plus it's completely out of the question. I can merely reach four icons with my thumb and nothing beyond that. It's a really giant beast. Things get easier if you have the iPhone in a cover... because it's the aluminium casing that's so slippery... Anyway...

Thursday, May 28, 2015

✔ How to manage notifications and not go crazy?

There's a chance that some of you are already wearing your Apple Watches while reading this. I still don't have mine (arriving today!)... but anyway, there's a lot of skepticism regarding our new wrist computer. On the one hand, it's a nice-looking gadget but on the other, the software seems slow, there are problems with battery life and, most of all, with notifications which constantly buzz and disturb the user.

Note: The following article appeared first in the May'15 issue of iMagazine - the leading lifestyle magazine for Apple enthusiasts in Poland. I'm a regular contributor and write my monthly productivity column there.


Notifications are not just Apple Watch's problem!

I've been using iPad as my main computer for quite a long time, and the iPhone even longer... and I really like to observe how other people use their mobile devices. There are many different ways but the most important thing is to keep a cool head.

Almost every app on our devices asks for permission to send "push" notifications.

Usually we enable them because we're not fully aware how often (or rarely) we'll be receiving them. Later, we're often surprised that our phone is vibrating all the time, while another app is screaming and trying to get our attention by popping up a new notification.

It's, however, up to us whether we take control and set notifications properly or not. Everything depends on whether we allow apps to fight for our attention or decide what can and what's not supposed to disturb us. But how to approach it? Below, I'll try to present my way of dealing with notifications:

Friday, March 27, 2015

★ iPhone 6 plus. It's all about vertical space. Apple got it right while promoting it wrong...

The other day I was showing my iPhone 6 plus to a friend and he asked me about the special "horizontal treatment" of the phone. As you might know, the "plus" model, having lots of screen real estate was blessed with additional features in the horizontal layout and a bigger keyboard... Much like an iPad. And my friend wanted me to show me how cool it was... And frankly, I wouldn't know because I hardly ever use my phone in horizontal mode... Because I think the coolest thing about the plus model is its horizontal real estate! Just look at this 3-part photo:

iPhone 6 plus. It's all about vertical space.

Even with keyboard popped up, I have more space then on the iPhone 5s

Just look at the vertical layout on the left and the two horizontal layouts on the right. Look how much screen real estate I have on my vertical iPhone. I can write and browse at the same time. It's great.

My keyboard in vertical is big enough to type comfortably.

I'm typing this blog post on my iPhone in vertical mode using the 1writer app and it's really great and fast. Whereas the horizontal keyboard is too big for me and the keys used for writing are in the center of the screen so it's totally uncomfortable to type.

I even lock the layout to vertical...

Yes, I'm using the screen lock button to make sure my iPhone screen remains vertical at all times. I love it so much. Apple was advertising the plus model with the horizontal capabilities but it's the vertical view that's most productive and efficient on this device. It's so good!

Question: How's your iPhone 6 Plus so far? Or if you have a big android device, how's your experience?

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

✔ How I fell in love with my iPhone 6 Plus... and I wasn't supposed to enjoy it at all!

Back in September before Apple's presentation I wrote a blog post about a possibility of switching from #iPadOnly to #iPhone6plusOnly - meaning that the new big iPhone was going to be so huge that you could do everything there. I was trying to ridicule the concept. I couldn't imagine getting such a big iPhone and working solely on it. Later I wrote how I'm going to "sacrifice myself" and get the new iPhone although I wouldn't be able to use it one-handed. Then the day came I unpacked my new iPhone...

iPhone 6 plus iwallet

I got the iPhone 6 Plus a month ago when I was on our company's retreat. Along with it I unpacked my new iPad Air 2 and I wanted to make the iPad my main computing device for the whole week-long retreat. Well, it turned out I was using my iPhone 6 Plus all of the time and my iPad was collecting dust. Hm... I was surprised. Why was that?

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

✔ A sad story of the last one-handed phone ever - my iPhone 5s - my habits will need to change

In September Apple started selling two new iPhones - a bigger one and a bigger-bigger one: iPhone 6 and 6 plus. People kept asking me which iPhone I'd get... as I'm upgrading my iPhones every year... but because of the new sizes (and my relatively small hands) I didn't know what to think of these new headsets... so I decided to go and check them out in the store:

A sad story of the last one-handed phone ever - my iPhone 5s

Being a geek and all, I should have been excited after a visit to a local Apple retailer... after all, the new gadgets were there! Yay, right? Not so fast... I was disappointed. Yes, I tried both of the iPhones - the humongous 6plus and the big 6... and both proved to be too big for me! Yes, both! Too wide... actually. I couldn't believe it - I checked again, and again... and pulled out my iPhone 5s to compare... and this is what I found out:

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

✔ Will a new 5,5" iPhone convert people to not only #iPadOnly, but more #iPhoneOnly?

I'm a big fan of working on iOS devices. I co-wrote a book about working ont the iPad and I'm actually writing this blog post on my iPad. I've gotten used to working on both the iPhone and the iPad - I really use these two "computers" all of the time. I carry my iPhone with me at all times... and my iPad most of the times. I hardly ever use my Mac. Now, tonight Apple will supposedly unvail two new iPhones. According to John Gruber, one will be 4.7" and the other 5.5" and the bigger one might have kinda iPad-like features. Will it mean people will use the iPhone even more for their every day computing?

Will a new 5,5" iPhone convert people to not only #iPadOnly, but more #iPhoneOnly?

I switched to using iPad and iPhone for most of my daily work tasks 2 years ago

Yes, the moment I got the 3rd generation iPad (with Retina display and 3G connection) I started migrating my work to the iPad. Started using my favorite apps and loved it. Later I upgraded to 4th gen iPad and now the iPad Air.

I've been hardly missing my PC anymore. I write all about it in my #iPadOnly book. However, recently I noticed I could get lots done on my iPhone as well. I've had all the generations of the iPhone, and my newest, iPhone 5s with the touch ID is really amazing. The screen is big (compared to the iPhone 4s) and the battery life is OK... and the touch ID is cool now that it works pretty reliably. Now, what happens if I get the iPhone 5.5"... is that I imagine using it even more for work. Here's why:

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

✔ WWDC'14 - iOS8, Mac OSX Yosemite and our Nozbe 2.0 development = my crazy ideas :-)

Yesterday in San Francisco, Apple kicked off WWDC, a developer conference with big announcements regarding both of their operating systems. I watched the live-stream (couldn't attend) and was very impressed. In this post I'd like to share my thoughts on how these announcements will impact our Nozbe apps, and why I'm so excited about it. And there are so many ideas:

WWDC'14 - iOS8, Mac OSX Yosemite and our Nozbe 2.0 development

Note: The above Instagram picture of me installing iOS8 on my iPod touch and later my iPad mini, was the one of the most liked pics in my Instagram history. Being a geek myself, I do appreciate my "geeky" audience :-)

Now back to WWDC. Both of the OSes are impressive. The cloud component even more (something we've been talking about for a long long time), and the interaction between devices and apps on the devices perfectly blends with our "OneNozbe" strategy, so we're definitely on the right track with Nozbe 2.0, but there's more:

Friday, March 28, 2014

✔ The phone is just an app I sometimes use on my iPhone

When the iPhone got introduced for the first time 7 years ago, what Apple really showed was an "app phone", a pocket computer with a bunch of apps. One of the apps was "phone app" that enabled us to call someone. That's the theoretical story, but the real one is different. Because the iPhone had the "phone" in the name, the cellular component and was introduced as a mobile phone, we still treated it as a phone. And so was I. Only recently I realized the future is there, my iPhone is my first portable computer (second being the iPad) to such an extent, that I removed the phone app from the dock on my trip to Japan:

The phone is just an app I sometimes use on my iPhone

Removing phone from the iPhone's dock

As you know from my Twitter feed or Instagram, I'm traveling with my wife in Japan now. Because of high roaming charges and pretty available wifi (hotel, Starbucks, Apple stores), I don't call anyone. We communicate through messaging and other apps. I also have a bunch of offline apps (metro, map, etc) on my iPhone that help me move around. Now, as I use these apps more than my phone now, I removed the phone app from the dock (the place it has always been) and replaced it with my "Japan" folder with my Japanese apps. This is when it struck me that the "phone" was just an app. Even at home I don't use it as much:

Friday, November 22, 2013

✔ I, NO robot. Android or iPhone or iPad? It's beyond specs, let's talk privacy.

There's this movie with Will Smith: "I, Robot". Well, I just got rid of my Nexus S and Nexus 7 devices (gave them to my team - they'll do the testing of Nozbe) and I can safely say: "I, NO robot." I'm not using any Android device anymore and I won't be doing it in the future. And not just because I'm #iPadOnly and I use my iPhone as both the wallet and phone. It's beyond the technology, my Apple-fanboy status or specs. It's about my lack of trust in Google as far as my personal information is concerned. It's about my right to privacy:

Android vs iPhone vs iPad

Recently I had a few conversations with some of my friends about how Android OS improved over the years and in many ways matches iOS and how the Android phones and tablets are better spec'd in many ways than their iOS counterparts. Apart from my personal conviction that the iPhone is a better phone (Aluminum vs plastic, touch-ID vs pin codes) and iPad is a better tablet (screen, weight, aluminum... design... and apps), what I realized is that when comparing the two platforms, we only talk about specs and design... what we don't talk about are the underlying differences between the two companies that power our devices: Google vs Apple. Here goes:

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

✔ How my iPhone became my minimalist wallet and why I'm loving it

Women have this inexplicable affinity for shoes and purses... and wallets, and jewelry, and other accessories. I'm a guy. Guys have gadgets. Typically guys carry three things with them: a wallet, a watch and a phone. While I wear my watch on occasion (not as often as I used to), I needed to carry my phone and wallet at all times. Now I finally managed to merge these two things into one - a minimalist iPhone wallet.

How my iPhone became my minimalist wallet and why I'm loving it

I've had several wallets over the last few years. The GTD-Notetaker wallet from David Allen, several nice leather wallets... but I never found a wallet I really liked. Moreover when leaving the house I'd have to remember where I'd put the wallet... and unlike your phone - you cannot call your wallet in order to find it.

I also live in a city where temperatures are usually around 20-30 C (50-70 F) where due to the type of clothing I wear I have limited "pocket" space and I always hated stuffing my pockets with a phone on one side and a wallet in the other. That's why when I saw an article on TUAW about Quirky Crossover iPhone5 wallet I decided to give it a try and get rid of the wallet altogether. After a month of using it every day, I'm totally sold on the concept. Here's why: