Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Productive! Magazine #13 with Graham Allcott - Become a Productivity Ninja!

I'm proud to announce today a new issue of the Productive! Magazine #13 with a good friend of mine and a long-time contributor Graham Allcott - where we're talking about his new book on "How to Become a Productivity Ninja": Productive! Magazine #13 Click to go to the download page This issue is also available on our iPad app Productive! Magazine #13 Here's the table of contents: Productive! Magazine #13 We've got some great new contributors in this issue and I'll be tweeting about them over the next few days. Note: In issue #13 we encourage you to sign up to our Productive! Newsletter to download the issue. We treat your data very seriously and I won't be emailing you more than once or twice a month (if that!) and only about the Productive! Magazine or Productive! Show. Nothing else. Why this change? Because I really want to build a nice, great community of productivity-focused professionals and I want to make sure you never miss anything that would inspire you to achieve greatness! Yours - Michael Sliwinski, the editor :-)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jason Womack in the Productive! Magazine #12 on PDF and iPad

Finally we're launching the issue #12 of your favorite productivity magazine and it's available now as a PDF download and as a download on our iPad app. This time we're talking with Jason Womack about how our best can get better. And the whole theme of the magazine is "focus". Download the latest PDF Productive! Magazine #12 In case you missed it, a few weeks ago I posted my conversation with Jason Womack: Interview with Jason Womack Enjoy reading our new magazine and hope that your best can get even better now with Jason's advice! Please share this with everyone you know through email, Facebook and Twitter - the magazine costs nothing and you know it contains piece of advice everyone can benefit from! Thanks!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Productive! Magazine #11 with Gretchen Rubin of the Happiness Project

Gretchen Rubin of the Happiness Project talks about ways of finding happiness in the every-day details of our lives, how to make sure New Year's Resolutions stick and get done. This plus many more articles to inspire you to get a lot more done this year and achieve greatness! Download free PDF version or get our iPad app Productive! Magazine on the iPad This is the first time we're launching the iPad and PDF version on the same day - the iPad version comes with two layouts (horizontal, vertical), bonus video material and interactive features, so if you have an iPad, make sure to get our iPad app. Productive! Magazine Table of Contents If you liked this issue, make sure to tweet about it and post it on your Facebook wall :-) Thank you! As always, this is our 11th issue, here's the archive of all past issues - enjoy!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Productive! Magazine #9 PDF with Laura Stack is out!

As promised yesterday, here's the new Productive Magazine #9 with Laura Stack - the Productivity Pro®! Productive! Magazine #9 cover The magazine is available as a PDF download and it will show up on your iPad (if you have our newest iPad app) tomorrow. Productive! Magazine #9 table of contents Hope you'll enjoy this issue's Laura Stack interview as well as great articles by Al Pittampali, Chris Edgar, Graham Allcott, Francis Wade, Art Carden, Mike Vardy and yours truly :-) If you want to get to know Laura Stack even more, remember to watch my short 10-minute interview with her: Productive! Magazine #9 table of contents I'd like to thank Laura Stack for her help with this issue, Piotr Wozniak for doing amazing job in putting this together, James Tonn (our new proof editor) and Lori Anderson for editing and Delfina Gerbert-Czarniecka for help with everything else. It's been an amazing issue and we are already working diligently on the inaugural #10 which is scheduled for mid-October so stay tuned!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Productive Magazine #6 - November 2010 issue with Stever Robbins - the Get-It-Done Guy!

Sorry for a small delay. We were supposed to launch this issue on Wednesday but my travel schedule got all messed up and I couldn't launch it earlier... but here it is - our newest Productive! Magazine with iTune's Get-It-Done Guy, Stever Robbins, enjoy! Click here to download now! Productive Magazine #6 Meet Stever Robbins Our featured “star” of this issue is Stever Robbins - the “Get-It-Done Guy” who runs a fantastic weekly podcast on “Working Less and Doing More” - which is one of the top podcasts on productivity on iTunes. It’s funny, short-and-to-the-point and it’s jam-packed with productivity advice and handy tips and tricks. I have been listening to it every week for more than 6 months now so I’m very humbled to be able to interview Stever for this issue of the Productive! Magazine. Stever has just published a book called “Get-It-Done Guy’s 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More” which I immediately purchased as an audiobook (and luckily Stever himself is reading the book). I “read” it through and can’t recommend enough. It’s a great addition to Getting Things Done with a lot more humor (although David Allen can be funny, too :-) )packed with even more practical tips and tricks that will boost your personal productivity. Single-tasking is the theme of the issue Somehow each issue of our magazine has a theme and although we never actively seek a theme beforehand, it amazingly enough emerges from the submissions we receive and this time around it’s all about single-tasking and focus. As Stever says, it’s all about working less and doing more and single-tasking helps you achieve just that. We’ve got two new takes on single-tasking by two new contributors - Pat Brans and Chris Edgar... and an additional geeky approach by yours truly. To accompany our theme we’ve added articles that also touch on focus and single-tasking by our regular contributors: Leo Babauta, Michael Hyatt, James Mallinson, Laura Stack and Mike Vardy. Productive! Magazine on the single-tasking iPad As you know, starting from issue #5 and together with good folks from Macoscope Company, we started publishing your favorite productivity magazine as a native iPad app. The first reception of the app was really great and we want to make this issue even better on the iPad. The PDF version of the magazine is and will always remain free and each issue on the iPad is just $0.99 to cover the costs of preparation (it’s more than double the work to make the iPad issue, but we believe the reading experience is worth the extra work). With the iPad app we are aiming to make radical shift in the publishing industry where the traditional big magazines like Wired or Newsweek experiment with their iPad versions and even small and niche magazines like ours can join the same league by offering their readers a perfect reading experience on this great device. Times are changing and we want to be on the bleeding edge of not only technological shift, but an industrial shift as well. Have a great and productive time On behalf of the entire team and all the contributors, let me wish you a very productive and inspirational read (on your iPad, computer screen or paper). Hope you’ll enjoy this new issue of your favorite magazine and implement some of the tips and tricks to, as Stever would put it, work less and do more. Yours productively, Michael Sliwinski Editor in Chief, Productive! Magazine P.S. The iPad version of this issue will come as an update to your Productive! Magazine iPad app in 2-3 weeks as we need to update the app as well as the content. Sorry for this delay.