Friday, November 10, 2017

💡 Templates I use to review my day, week and quarter

Today is Friday (and we’re doing Fridays differently at Nozbe) and it’s time for my weekly review so before I start just that, I decided to post this short reference to my best NozbeHOW templates which I regularly use to perform my reviews - you can use these templates even if you don’t have a Nozbe acccount:

Templates I use to review my day, week and quarter

How I go about my day

This past week has been very productive for me because I stuck to my Unschedule calendar and Pomodoro Technique and especially I’ve used the "daily template" I wrote about on the Nozbe blog.

What I do: Every morning after I journal I open Nozbe and go to my templates and open my "Today" template to create a new project with today’s date as the name, like "10 Nov 2017" and I go about my day completing each 30min interval as another "pomodoro". At the end of the day I review this project and complete it.

Today template on

How I go about my Weekly Review

I’ve described the process in detail here but I basically create a new project from my template and give it a name like "45th weekly review" (where 45 is the number of the week in the year) and I go through the project:

Weekly Review template on

How I go about my Quarterly Off-site

According to advice from Greg McKeown, the author of Essentialism, a book I recommend and have read 3 times already, every 3 months I do a "quarterly off-site", meaning for a day I step back and analyze my last quarter and plan my next one. I discussed this concept with The Podcast my co-host on the 73rd episode of our show. Again I use a template for that - I create a project from this one:

Quarterly Off-site template on

Bonus - two additional templates for TGIF and Journaling

As I journal every day, once in the morning and once in the evening, I ask myself these questions:

Journaling template on

Again, today is Friday, or Thank Goodness It’s Friday here in my company, so here’s a rough schedule of today for everyone on my Nozbe team:

Thank Goodness It’s Friday template on

Hope you’ll find these templates helpful! Enjoy and share your ways of doing reviews and... Fridays!

Question: How do you preform your daily, weekly or quarterly review?

Friday, December 9, 2016

☑️ My template for doing a Weekly Review

Weekly review is one of the keys to a better productivity and better life. The term was coined by David Allen in his book Getting Things Done and the idea is to perform a regular, weekly review of your life. It's a meeting we should schedule with ourselves to go through everything that happened last week, analyze it, learn from it, then clean up to plan and prepare for next week. Sounds easy, right? Well, it's not that easy but today to make things easier for you I've prepared my definite template for a great weekly review:

Weekly Review on

Weekly Review at

Weekly review is hard because we literally have to force oursevles to do it. We just don't have the time, right? I've been struggling with it, I've been escaping to a cafe to do it. I've gone through different approaches and I explained why it's important in the Step 8 of my 10-step Productivity Course. Before this template I published two simpler ones on #publicNozbe and on but the one I'm linking to today is my most definite one:

Friday, June 17, 2016

☑️ A triathlon-packing checklist I created for me and you [Nozbe.HOW]

As you know from this blog, I started my triathlon adventure when I lost weight thanks to the "Slow-carb diet" two years ago. This year I've already done one Olympic-distance triathlon in April, I'm doing my next one this Sunday and I'm planning to do a third one in September. Each race lasts a little less than 3 hours and as I'm doing three sports one after another, a good checklist is necessary to make sure I don't forget a thing. Thanks to templates I created a checklist that you also can use, even if you don't have a Nozbe account:

ImageOptional on

Triathlon checklist at

I wrote more about it on the Nozbe blog, but basically it's all about having everything for each of the sports (swimming, biking and running) and having a good routine right before the race.

If you've never tried a triathlon but you're already getting in shape, I encourage you to give it a try. In September a friend of mine will race his first triathlon - he'll go with the "Sprint" distance which is half of what I'm doing (750m swim, 20km bike and 5km run) and it's exactly what I did when I was getting started.

Doing triathlons forces you to do three sports every week instead of just running, so I totally recommend it! And here's what it takes to pack for a race like the one I have on Sunday (wish me luck!)

Triathlon checklist at

Question: Have you ever tried racing a triathlon? Which of the sports is your best (swimming, biking or running)?

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Monday, February 8, 2016

☑️ Watch all the Inspiring Productivity Interviews with...

I launched the Productive! Magazine back in 2008 and since then as the "editor in chief" I had a pleasure of interviewing amazing people for the magazine. All of them are role models to me, some of them are mentors and friends... and many of them you know of have heard of. Today, thanks to the power of templates I'm giving you an easy way to watch all of them whenever you fee like:

Interviews on

Watch All Interviews at free

You can access all of these interviews on our Productive! Magazine page or app, you can also see them on my interviews page or on our YouTube playlist but I think the best way is to use a project template created with Nozbe and shared on

Why? Because each interview then becomes a "task" and in the details of the task you can see the link to the relevant Productive! Magazine issue and the direct link to the video to watch it. Once you've watched it, you can mark the task as done and watch another one. And you can mark as "done" also the interviews you don't want to watch. Easy.

Watch all the interviews I did for the Productive! Magazine here

Question: Which interview did you like best?

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