Monday, March 2, 2015

✔ Nozbe story - interview with me for "Stories of the best Polish apps"

This is an interview that I granted at the end of 2014. It was published on - one of the most popular Polish tech-blogs platform. It was a part o a series on Polish apps used internationally authored by Hubert Taler. If you want to dig deeper about my story, check out my Interview about Nozbe and my "about" page on this blog and my recent blog post about our 8th anniversary.

Story of Nozbe

1. Were the Nozbe apps and web service launched at the same time? Which platform did you focus on at first?

Nozbe is not just an app - it's a whole suite of productivity apps for time, tasks and projects management. Apart from the web access, we offer apps for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android… and of course for the iOS platform, meaning iPhones and iPads. When I launched Nozbe in 2007 iPhone had just been presented by Apple. I didn't realize, at the time, how much the world was going to change and thus I thought that Nozbe would be a web app forever...

Even Apple's point of view seemed quite similar - at the very beginning it was only possible to build iPhone web apps, not native ones. I remember it very well - they started selling iPhone in the US in June 2007 and I decided to quickly develop a simple "web app" for iPhones which I called "iNozbe". I made it together with my customers - as I lived in Poland I couldn't even touch the real iPhone... I wrote the code for the first version within a week and I released it for testing. The users who owned iPhones reported how the things were and I would fix the bugs and update the app. My zeal was finally appreciated by the industry in September 2007 and I was invited as a speaker to the Office 2.0 conference to San Francisco. It was then when I got my first iPhone and a chance to see how my app works on it. And there's more...