Wednesday, July 22, 2015

☆ Why and How to become an early riser - interview with Karol Zielinski [in Polish for: Productive! Mag Poland]

Another fine issue of our Productive! Magazine In Polish is out where I interview a friend and a CEO of PayLane through which we process payments at Nozbe. Check out these few quotes or read the entire issue on your iOS device or Android:

Karol Zielinski

"I hated waking up early but I wanted to make more time for business, writing and family..."

"I discovered that between 5-7 am I could get so much stuff done! What a change."

"The trick I use is to choose something very exciting for the morning. Something I can't wait to be doing. Just like a child who's expecting to play!"

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

✔ Productive school? - interview with Mike St. Pierre - Productive! Magazine #23

It's September - the back-to-school time. This is a great occasion to talk to Mike St. Pierre - the tech and education guy, the President of Morris Catholic High School in Denville, blogger and podcaster. In the interview we talk about the way education and technology can work together, iPads replacing traditional school equipment and student books. Mike also shares his experiences and advises on productivity at schools.

More details in Productive! Magazine #23:

Question: In what other ways you think schools might get more productive?

Please post your comments below, thanks!

Check it out:


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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

✔ What’s productivity really? Productive! Magazine #23 with Mike St. Pierre

This is the Productive! Magazine No. 23 Editor's Note. Our monthly magazine is free and available online as well as the iOS and Android apps - you have no excuse to miss this issue :)


I would like to make sure that whenever I use the term "productivity" you understand and feel the same way I do. Productivity that I teach and advertise is optimizing and facilitating processes and actions in order to gain more time and energy for doing the stuff we like and spending wonderful hours with people we love.

I've never meant anything else by promoting productivity. It's not about working more, working harder, working longer hours. It's also not about getting more and more and being richer and more powerful. It's more about looking for ways to facilitate things and make life easier, happier and more satisfying.