Wednesday, June 13, 2018

✔️ Golden State Warriors - how to keep eye on the prize and lead an unselfish team

Another year and another NBA finals are done... and two years in the row Golden State Warriors won against Cleveland Cavaliers. I’ve been supporting this team for the last 4 years and I remember vividly when they lost the finals 2 years ago... and out of that loss they decided to recruit one of the best players of the league, and their main opponent - Kevin Durant. And now with Kevin they won two championships. I remember last year I was personally there to witness their greatness and it was an amazing moment:

Golden State Warriors - how to keep eye on the prize and be unselfish

What happens when a team is aligned with one goal in mind - to win Championships!?

The best part of the whole Golden State Warriors narrative is the fact, that they were the best team of the league in 2015-2016 season... and yet they lost the finals. So what did they do? Even though they had many stars (Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Andre Iguodala) they decided to recruit another star - Kevin Durant from Oklahoma City Thunder. With Kevin they won two championship titles and Kevin won finals MVP twice.... and this year you could see why they won it all - because they’re focused on winning championships, not getting accolades:

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

✔ Why we're so excited about our all-team meeting: 7 steps to an amazing week with my Nozbe team!

I'm writing this on a plane high up above Europe heading towards an airport in Poland, where 3 members of my team will pick me up and we'll drive together to a small hotel in the middle of nowhere... to meet the rest of our Nozbe team and spend a week together. I can't wait! We don't have any office. Everyone on my team, including the CEO - me, works from home - so we're really looking forward to this week! That's why I decided to share how we're approaching our all-team meeting. Here goes:

Nozbe Team Meeting

Yes, seriously, we all work from home. Really...

I've been writing about teleworking and showing off my home office which actually is my MAIN office... and people still write to me and say: "why don't we meet at your office?"... or "where are you based?" like if it mattered. Well, it doesn't matter. Not to us at least... and most of all, it really doesn't matter to any of the Nozbe customers. We're a team of folks spread across Europe... and starting today we're going to spend a week together and we can't wait for it to start, here's why:

Friday, October 24, 2014

✔ Why my Nozbe team has the highest priority... and how I want to serve you better with this site

I've been busy with Nozbe these days. We launched version 2.0 of our suite of productivity apps and we're about to launch a nice additional surprise for our customers in November... so I couldn't get to do some of the additional stuff should have done. Like updating this web site. Like being in touch with people.... but to be honest, my team and my product and my customers have the highest priority. Here's why:

New site, new selfies

Nozbe is our best work

Working on Nozbe together with my team is where I have the most impact. Every single day thousands upon thousands of people, teams and companies get things done with our apps on their iPhones, iPads, Macs, Android, Windows or even Linux machines.

This is really amazing. People from all over the world plan their days with our tool. Their productivity depends on how we design this tool. Everything we do that can improve their experience running Nozbe to get things done is important. Every minor tweak counts... and a major version like the 2.0 we just shipped counts even more.

Our customers depend on us. And my team depends on me.

But there's more: