🎧 The Podcast #200 - Best of The Podcast 🍾💯💯

Last week on The Podcast we celebrated the 200th episode - and to commemorate the milestone we prepared our “best of” of sorts - which episodes really impacted us, changed our lives, made us different / better? To find out, listen up!

The Podcast - 200 - Best of The Podcast 🍾💯💯

Listen to the entire episode (~ 60 min):

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On the photo: Radek celebrating his birthday on our Nozbe Reunion - it shows how festive we felt while recording this show - I’d like to thank my co-host for challenging me, pushing me... and changing me (hopefully) for the better - here’s to another 200 or more episodes!

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The Podcast is a weekly podcast chat with Radek (VP Apple Technologies at Nozbe) and yours truly (CEO at Nozbe) about productivity, business, books, and whatever else comes to mind... - if you liked this episode, make sure to check out past episodes.

Posted on Wednesday, February 19, 2020 (podcast)

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