This is something I've been struggling with recently: Getting Your Family On Board with Life Changes

Getting Your Family On Board ... screenshot

Very cool post by Leo. On this blog I've repeated many times over how living a more minimalistic life is better and just feels great... and how I travel vert light with a carry-on only but my family is very often not onboard with my "minimalist passion" and when we travel together there is always chaos with bags, strollers and stuff (we have two children now).

Anyway, it's better not to force my opinion on to my family but rather just set an example and see if they react to it. Slowly I can see some progress and we are becoming more and more of minimalist family. Baby steps.

Same applies to other changes like fitness, way I work, etc. it's important not to enforce your beliefs onto someone, just set out to be an example and everything will go from there.

How do you convince others to accept the changes you're making?

Posted on Monday, April 8, 2013

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