Totally agree - the essence of Inbox Zero: On Chasing the right Zero

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Great quote that sums it up:

Inbox Zero is merely a philosophical practice of learning to be parsimonious about which and how many inputs we allow into into our lives―and, then, to responsibly but mindfully tend to those inputs

This is key. I try to have my email inbox at zero and all of my other inboxes at zero every now and then and the important thing is to know when I clean up these inboxes, being conscious about them and making sure I tend to them when I choose to, not when others want me to.

Step 1 of my upcoming 10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity Course will deal more in-depth about inboxes and how to deal with them.

It's all about being intentional and aware of where we put our focus and attention and who we allow to invade it and interrupt us. You can spend your whole days just answering email... Or you can create something great and deal with email and other inputs when you choose to.

Posted on Saturday, April 20, 2013

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