Totally agree: Why Developers Shouldn’t Use iCloud Syncing, Even If It Worked Why Developer... screenshot

A few years ago I was approached by few talented guys who were running a "syncing" startup and wanted me to use their platform to do syncing between devices in Nozbe. They said they were a great match for me.

I disagreed. I also disagree with the article that doing "syncing" well is easy. It's not. But it's our core business. Sync in Nozbe between all of our apps must work. Even if it took us more than a year of development and heavy testing and lots of grey hair. It's our core business and you don't outsource your core business. Not ever.

Now with Nozbe 1.5 right around the corner I can honestly say we've nailed the sync and our apps work great and sync seamlessly. Our competitor "Things" also decided to build their own syncing server and it took them forever. But they did it and I must assume they are happy about it. Again, it's their core just like it's mine.

Posted on Thursday, March 28, 2013

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