Totally agree with @marcoarment here: You don’t nee d every customer

You don’t need every cus... screenshot

Over the last 6 years running Nozbe I've had people praise our work and discard it, I've had many kudos and lots of complaints. And I had to deal with trolls as well. Marco sums it up:

Now, think of something you saw recently that had a lot of comments or reviews. They’re not all going to be positive. What could its creator have done to please all of the negative commenters? Go ahead, this isn’t a trick question. You know the answer. Nothing.

The thing is, you can't please everyone. And if people disagree with you, it means you have a strong opinion and that's a good thing.

In time-management-app-space I have a strong opinion about not adding "priorities" to tasks and not implementing projects within projects within projects... and these (and similar) principles tell us how we should design Nozbe.

However, when you get bad comments and deal with trolls, the important thing is to never lose temper. Is to always treat them with respect even if they throw bad things at you.

The cool part is the guys who really love your work don't say anything, in our case, they just use Nozbe and get lots of things done every single day :-)

Posted on Monday, April 22, 2013

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