Video Interview - Productive Magazine #5 preview

Long time no write, but we're finally wrapping up the 5th issue of the Productive Magazine and for this one we prepared an exclusive trailer-interview with this issue's interviewee: Luis "Miguel Guia" Urrea - my productivity and business mentor, a sculptor, painter, sportsman and businessman. Here's the interview - it's been recorded in HD, so make sure to watch in in full screen in HD if you can. It's been done mostly in Spanish so it's subtitled. The subtitles don't show up on the iPad or iPhone (where the video is shown in HTML5) but it's Youtube's fault and should be fixed soon. If you watch the video on your PC or Mac, subtitles will show up just fine. Anyway, enjoy: Hope you've enjoyed the video, curious how the new magazine will look like, here's the sneak peak of the cover:

Posted on Saturday, August 14, 2010 (magazine,walkthrough)

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Ian Mayman
Aug 14, 2010 09:04
Interesting interview. Thank you for the translation, I need to improve my Spanish! I am interested in Luis's tips and suggestions. I was reading issue 4 again just recently and thought by now you may have gone out of business, so I am very glad to find you here with issue 5. I'm sure you could sell subscriptions if only for $10 per year if there is at least 4 issues per year.
Harry @ GoalsOnTrack
Aug 14, 2010 11:53
Nice interview. Wish I could understand Spanish. Love the idea of forming good habits, it's very important.
Aug 14, 2010 19:07
Great interview. I especially liked two of Miguel's comments: "If you don't start your day well, ..." and "Putting the day in order." I'm looking forward to Issue #5.
Augusto Pinaud
Aug 14, 2010 21:35
Exelente entrevista Michael (Miguel). A la espera de la revista. Un abrazo
Joe Van Wyk
Aug 16, 2010 12:51
Cool. I really like the part when he talked about including the "purpose of the call." Michael- did you live in Spain? Do you have a bio out there somewhere? If not, you should! Your Spanish is perfect!
Productive! Magazine about Getting Things Done and Lifehacks. Edited by Michael Sliwinski founder of Nozbe » Blog Archive » Productive Magazine #5 available! Miguel Guía interview about art, passion, habits and more!
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Productive! Magazine about Getting Things Done and Lifehacks. Edited by Michael Sliwinski founder of Nozbe » Blog Archive » Productive Magazine #5 Walkthrough
Sep 16, 2010 07:31
[...] you remember, I posted a while ago a video interview with this issues’ star - Luis “Miguel Guia” Urrea on this blog (click here to watch it in HD) and now I’d like to invite you for a quick 5 [...]