💡 Running, listening to books, podcasts and taking notes with Apple Watch

People on Twitter and listeners to The Podcast keep asking me how I use the Apple Watch for running. Especially that I like to listen to podcasts or audiobooks while doing sports. I also take notes directly on the Apple Watch, here’s how:

Running, listening to books, podcasts and taking notes with Apple Watch

Running with Apple Watch

I use Runkeeper app to track my running and I always launch it directly from my Apple Watch. This way I can track my heart rate, especially now that I’m preparing to break the 45-minute barrier on a 10k run.

Listening to Podcasts

Update August 2017: Marco, the Overcast founder removed this feature from the app so I can’t listen to podcast directly from the watch anymore... I have to carry my iPhone again for that. Shame...

This used to work before the update above:

I use Overcast: Podcast Player to listen to my podcasts and just recently this app lets me upload a podcast episode to the watch directly. I usually upload an episode of ATP directly to watch and just take my Bluetooth headsets - Mpow Enchanter with me and I leave my iPhone 7 Plus at home! Isn’t that cool!?

Listening to Audiobooks

I use Audible to listen to audiobooks - check out my list of books I read and recommend - and unfortunately I can’t upload a book to the watch so I have to carry my iPhone with me when I want to listen to a book.

Taking notes on the Apple Watch

I created a workflow - Add to Book Notes that lets me just tap on Workflow app and tap again to start talking to my watch to dictate notes. This then is being transcribed and added to my text file called "book.txt" in my Dropbox folder. It’s really neat - this way I can add an important note even in the middle of my run!

I love my Apple Watch!

The latest Apple Watch Series 2 Nike lets me run with it, swim and bike with it... and listen to podcasts and even take notes while listening to audiobooks... and the battery holds almost two full days... and takes only a short while to recharge.

Hope this was useful - if you have any questions, ask them below or ping me on Twitter - thanks!

Question: How do you use your Apple Watch for sports and other things?

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Posted on Monday, July 31, 2017 (short,applewatch)

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