Why didn't they do a Nokia-Microsoft-Windows Phone? Facebook Isn’t Forking Android, They’re Spooning W ith It

Facebook Isn’t Forking A... techcrunch.com screenshot

Great article by MG. However I don't understand why Facebook wouldn't do something bolder - a Nokia-Windows-Facebook phone?

Let's start with Windows - Microsoft is not happy with Facebook sleeping with Android and they are not really taking off in the mobile space - they need a hit and a "Facebook phone" could be such a hit.

Nokia. They're on a spiral down in the sales. Their Lumia phones are great (that's what people are saying - I have such a phone and I'm not dazzled) but are not selling. Why don't they just stop with Lumia 710, 810 (who comes up with these names?) and just do a Lumia Facebook phone and bet everything on it? They also need a hit badly. And their CEO is an ex-Microsoft guy so why not strike a deal?

Facebook. I understand that Android Home is a nice solution as the can tap into a great install base, but why instead of annoying their strategic investor not to tap into his resources, connections and potential and build such a phone additionally to the FB home?

I say a Nokia-Windows-Facebook phone would be a win-win-win deal, don't you think?

Posted on Saturday, April 6, 2013

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