Why Productive Magazine? Why downloadable free PDF?

The initial response from first bloggers who decided to participate has been great and it seems we'd really be able to pull our project off and have the first edition of the Productive Magazine ready by the end of this month. Why Productive Magazine? Aren't blogs enough? Why PDF format? Some have issued these questions so let's address them here. First of all, we both love blogs. I'm a blog reader myself (my Google Reader account is full with RSS-ed blogs) and I'm also a blogger. I'm not only writing for the official Nozbe blog, but I'm also a regular contributor to the official Getting Things Done Blog by David Allen - GTD Times. My technical editor, Maciej is one of the mostly-recognized bloggers in the blogosphere in my country with his "Mediafun" blog and he is also distributing his blog content in a form of a "Mediafun" Magazine. Some people don't appreciate blogs yet... but they do read magazines. With the Productive Magazine our goal is to reach people who haven't discovered blogs just yet (or they think blogs are just diaries of people who want to talk about their life with others)... and by giving them blog content in a form of a downloadable (and printable) magazine, they can get to know how much useful information there is to be found in the blogs... and if they like a particular article, they can always click on the author's blog link and subscribe to the blog to discover even more. We also believe a FREE downloadable PDF format is the best "bang for the buck" and people will be happy to share the magazine with their friends and families. Since the blogs are free to read, the Productive Magazine should be just the same. This is going to be a great ride! I'm sure the Productive Magazine will be a success for all of us, so don't hesitate and contact me to support the cause... and to offer the best productivity articles to the readers. We are already busy working with the first articles that came in to prepare them for publishing.

Posted on Thursday, July 10, 2008 (magazine)

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Jul 10, 2008 19:25
This looks like it is going to be very exciting. Keep up the good work.