Why touch-typing is important - Productive! Show #38

Back on my Productive! Magazine web site I posted a new Productive! Show episode about... touch typing. The feedback has been amazing - I thought I was showing off a trivial thing and everyone would laugh at me, but it turns out only in the USA they actually make you learn touch-typing at school. In Europe they don't. I know in Poland they didn't.

Yet the benefits of touch-typing are amazing - more than 300% increase in speed of typing. The most amazing thing though is the fact that your brain no longer participates in typing - your fingers react to what your eyes want to see or your mind wants to type - your fingers type by themselves!

Here's the episode ~3 min:

Google "touch-typing course" or a similar phrase and you'll find apps and courses online - some are free, some are paid, but generally what you need is a lot of patience - if you practice every day, you'll learn it in a month or two. It's painful, but it's worth it - it's an investment.

For the record - I learned this when I was in college and I saw a friend of mine touch-typing away - I had to match his speed and now I do :-) So you can do it, too!

Did you learn touch-typing? Do you want to? How big was the speed increase for you?
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Posted on Thursday, January 19, 2012 (video)

Jun 8, 2012 12:42
This article is really good. I tested my typing speed many times!
I looked for any sites with typing tests and found interesting one. Here are many interesting texts in typing tests and there are competitions!
Here you can test your speed alone: http://solotyping.com/test/
And here you can compete with others: http://solotyping.com/competition/
Really nice work.
Rey Calda
Oct 26, 2012 07:41
RE wasted time and email... I'm a busy professional, and we need true email inbox management that’s eyes-free and hands-free. There’s a smartphone app called Talkler —billed as “email for your ears.” Talkler is a free smartphone app that's voice-controlled, and reads your emails aloud to you. There's more at Talkler.com.