Would you recommend Productive Magazine to a friend?

I've asked the readers who signed up for the Productive Magazine mailing list this simple question: Would you recommend Productive Magazine to a friend? Here's just a handful of answers I got:
Not only did I download it, I made everyone I work with at the Magazines download it as well. Super work you produced. Great job! I will recommend highly. a resource that I simply have to pass on to all of my Productive Entrepreneurs
Many blogged about the magazine, no wonder we got 20.000 readers in just the first week and the downloads are still going strong... although a little slower every day... And would you also recommend our magazine? Please let me know in the comments and send this link to anyone you'd recommend it to. You can also digg this link on digg.com P.S. Later this week I'll be announcing what's to be expected in the second issue so make sure you've subscribed our RSS feed or you've signed up to the mailing list.

Posted on Wednesday, December 3, 2008 (magazine)

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Gilbert Gonzalez
Dec 3, 2008 18:11
It looks like a great magazine. I hope this is a sign of the coming times. The magazine is very high quality and it looks like it would be great to read. I do promise to read it when I get some time. I am writing this to you to give some feedback about my reason to not have read it yet. I have an iPhone with a great app called "Files" it makes a quick eBook experience out of any txt, doc, or PDF. It has a great bookmark feature that works even on PDF files. Sounding like a pitch so I'll stop right now and move on to my feedback. For some reason your particular PDF becomes jiberish. Well, not the images but the text. Have you experienced this? Is there a way to fix it. Being that Nozbe has a great iPhone app I'd believe that you have. Just want to reenforce that a convenient way to read this magazine is for now hindered and keeping me at least for now from reading the magazine on my free time, but like I said I will read it as soon as I can sit at a computer without much to do. Alright, in any case congrats on your first issue and hope to see more. Thanks!
Mike Sullivan
Dec 5, 2008 09:02
I might read more of it if it the PDF was oriented in a landscape fashion. Make this easier to read on my computer.