Wow, now even @passivevoiceblg goes #iPadOnly: I was an iPad skeptic

I was an iPad skeptic | The Pa... screenshot

A cool quote:

“Laptop neglect. That’s the best way to describe how the iPad has changed my computing habits since its introduction three years ago. Before the iPad, my MacBook was an all-purpose device, used all over the house for all sorts of tasks. Since I purchased my first iPad, my MacBook is now a single-purpose machine, used only for work. If I was sitting on the couch, I’d have my laptop with me maybe a quarter of the time. Now, I’ve got my iPad 100 percent of the time."

Just think about it - a busy professional like the editor of Ars Technica going iPadOnly... and every day I get more of my friends confessing they are using their iPads way more than they used to.

This is why I wrote a series of articles on that topic on my blog. That's why I'm writing a book called #iPadOnly with my friend Augusto Pinaud (we're almost done with our first draft!). I don't use my Mac anymore, it's collecting dust, it's neglected... I just don't want to use anything else than my iPad to work. It's pure and simple fun. I'm glad more people are moving towards it.

Posted on Friday, April 19, 2013

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