📖 BOOK LAUNCH - 10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity

Yes, it’s today that my new book, “10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity” starts pre-sale on Amazon and is being available for order. Shipping will start on January 2. It’s based on my video course by the same name but the book is a completely-rewritten content, much enhanced and written in such a way, that anyone can grab it and start creating their own productivity system in minutes... and hopefully have an amazing 2019. Here’s how to get the book:

BOOK LAUNCH - 10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity

Get it from our web site: ProductivityCourse.com

The best way to get the book is to go directly to its dedicated web site - you’ll learn all about the 10 steps (as in - 10 chapters) from the book and why you should definitely get it :-)

We offer 3 versions of the book:

We also offer the book in “Productivity Package”

Even though the book is not a Nozbe manual, there are references to Nozbe throughout the book and I believe it’s best if you get both a book and a Nozbe account, so if you get a Nozbe Solo account for a year you’ll get both the book and ebook as a bonus :-)

This way you get both the best piece of software and and the best source of inspiration for your future productivity, right?

Businesses get the book, too!

If you decide to give Nozbe Business a try, we’ll ship the books to each and every member of your team. This way you’ll be able to integrate Nozbe into your productivity workflow faster - as all of your team members will be inspired to get more productive.

We give $1 off each copy for charity

As you know, at Nozbe we give 3% of our profits to charity so giving back is really dear to my heart.

That’s why with each copy of the book (sold or shipped to customers) we’re donating $1 for charity. We’ll be reporting regularly on book shipments on our Nozbe blog with exact info on which charities we’re supporting and why.

Celebrate the launch with me and pre-order the book!

Posted on Thursday, December 13, 2018 (books,productivity)

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