What I’m doing now?

I'm back in my home office home office after Nozbe Reunion in Wrocław - time to go back to a good morning routine (see The Podcast episodes: 34, 57 and 71 ):

1. Working on Nozbe

2. Writing about Productivity and No Office

  • Working on the English version of the book 10 Steps To Ultiamte Productivity - Working with our amazing launch team - right now I’m editing the first chapters (0-3) of the book and enjoying such a great feedback from everyone!
  • About to write a blog post about "Nozbe Reunion" and how we’re getting these reunions done on my NoOffice.org blog.
  • About to finish a plan for more productivity-related e-books based on the content from our Webinars
  • Published my productivity book in Polish "10 Kroków do Maksymalnej Produktywności" and sold more than 4000 copies already - thinking about how to sell more of them.

3. Podcasting, giving interviews to help others:

  • Recording The Podcast - weekly show with my buddy Radek - just crossed 115 episodes and recorded a live one in Wrocław - the episode 116 - App of the Reunion - we already crossed 400K downloads total and we’re regularly getting around 10K downloads per week! Thanks for listening!
  • Posting updates on Twitter and Instagram

… and privately?

  • My youngest daughter is 1.3 years young now! She’s growing so fast! Emilia, my middle daughter just turned 5! So much joy with them! And this week I’m alone with them as my wife went on a business trip!
  • Just ran my 10th olympic distance triathlon and I beat my personal best!
  • Reading lots of books - just updated my book list!
  • Just enjoying being a husband to my wife of 12 years, Ewelina and a dad to my now three daughters: Milena (8), Emilia (5) and Lilina (1)

This “now” page is inspired by Derek Sievers

Last update: October 20, 2017.