What I’m doing now?

I'm in my home office getting ready for the end of the year.

1. Working on Nozbe

  • Preparing Black Friday Nozbe promo while also restructuring our marketing team and activities
  • Working hard on future version of Nozbe for the 2019 (psst! Secret!)
  • Getting ready for significant corporate restructuring at the Nozbe company
  • Just came back from our fall Nozbe Reunion and Mobiconf 2018 conference

2. Additional productivity-related projects

… and privately?

  • Working on my 3 new habits before the year ends
  • Doing some renovation in our home
  • Still reading lots of books - book list is overdue for an update!
  • Just enjoying being a husband to my wife of 12 years, Ewelina and a dad to my now 3 daughters: Milena (9), Emilia (6) and Lilina (2)

This “now” page is inspired by Derek Sievers

Last update: November 9, 2018.