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It's all about passion

"It's all about Passion!"

How 7 types of passion helped me achieve success with my productivity startup

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No Office Apps

"No Office Apps"

How the Nozbe team uses modern technologies to communicate better and get more done!

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10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity

"10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity"

My upcoming productivity book in English!

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10 Kroków do Maksymalnej Produktywności

"10 Kroków do Maksymalnej Produktywności"

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iPad Only


The first real post-PC book

How to use only your iPad to work, play and everything in between

I co-wrote this book with my friend Augusto Pinaud. We've been working on our iPads as our main machines for more than 2 years now and we share all the best tips and tricks there, we recommend apps, accessories, etc.

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Next book


(work title)

Productivity advice for growing an entirely remote team

This is my next book project. Based on my University thesis on teleworking and my experience of leading and growing my Nozbe team, I'm writing an ultimate productivity book for remote teams. Hands on advice, implementation of best productivity practices, communication channels, apps, tricks...

Coming in 2019!

What am I reading currently?

I’m reading around 30 books per year, check out the list of the books I’ve read recently and recommended to my friends.