BOOK: It's all about Passion!

How 7 types of passion helped me achieve success with my productivity startup

By me (Michael Sliwinski), published on May 20, 2014 (my 35th birthday!)

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It's all about Passion

In my book I'm sharing the story of 7 types of passion I discovered over 7 years of running my productivity startup.

"Thanks to Michael, I have learned that it doesn't matter what your passion is, it matters how far you are willing to go with it, how much you are going to learn from it, and most importantly who you are going to share it with. With this book you got to experience Michael’s passion the same way I did." - Augusto Pinaud

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- Michael Sliwinski

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"It's all about Passion!" - Table of Contents

Below is the table of contents with quotes from my book. This way you'll have a better "feel" of the book and its contents. I also included the quotes from my friends who contributed to the book. Feel free to tweet them if you like (just click on the birdie icon below the quote). Thank you for spreading your passion!

Introduction: My first passionate startup

"I basically had straight A’s... but it wasn't helping me decide what I wanted to be..."

"I’ve always been a computer geek but never thought of my laptop as a work machine..."

"The idea of building an 'online product' & offering it to the world sounded exciting.."

"When you start rediscovering "new passions" along the way, you'll eventually succeed.."

Leo Babauta: "If you’re passionate about your work, you won’t procrastinate — you’ll love doing it"

7 Types of Passion

"I launched my startup (@nozbe) completely alone and in a city I didn't know well..."

"Passion gives you a reason to live."

"Let's dive into this and hopefully inspire you to build your passionate startup!"

David Allen: "Passion is a symptom of your engagement with anything into which you are fully immersed."

MG Siegler: "I think as long as you’re passionate about something, similar audience will find you"

Michael Hyatt: "You'll find your calling at intersection of: Passion, Proficiency & Profitability."

Passion 1: Money

"Money is a tool. A means to an end. Really. That's it."

"To me money is a benchmark and a health indicator of my startup..."

"The customers really feel like investors. They're part of your team."

Graham Allcott: "It’s a bit of a myth that entrepreneurs and businesses are driven by money..."

Art Kurasinski: "In a startup... You just have to work a lot. And you can only do it with passion."

Steve Pavlina: "Pick an interest that you expect you’ll still be passionate about 5 years from now"

Brett Terpstra: "Happiness for me... comes from any paycheck I get for doing what I love."

Passion 2: Solution

"The best way to find a problem to solve is to look at the stuff that's bothering you.."

"Keep your day job and work on your idea on the side and see how it goes..."

"If U R passionate about a solution & have enough patience, you'll eventually succeed"

"The surprise was to find a business 'at all' in what I was doing."

Bill Hybels: "Rather than get paralyzed by their problems, visionaries commit to finding solutions"

Fred Wilson: "Great idea the personal ownership & passion leads to execution of a winning idea"

Al Pittampalli "Do you care enough to defend cause, navigate obstacles, and fight bureaucracy?"

Passion 3: Product

"My Nozbe is my product. I built it because I needed it... and I keep on building it..."

"Every startup product is in constant 'BETA'..."

"If you really want to build a fantastic startup, you must be a 'product guy'..."

"When I stopped eating my dog-food, things went bad..."

"Ship as often as you can. Keep making small improvements..."

Neil Patel: "People don’t want a perfect product… they want a passionate person behind it."

David Heinemeier Hansson: "Creating software for others is hard. It’s so much easier to create something for yourself."

Scott Belsky: "If you can put 'work with intention' at the center of your efforts, you make impact"

Matt Mullenweg: "We do many things at Automattic, but our core passion is creating great products..."

Passion 4: Industry

"People started seeing there is a real guy behind @Nozbe and he actually cares."

"I spend money to give back to the community & keep reigniting my passion for industry"

"People take you more seriously when you actually care and share what you think..."

Tony Robbins: "There is no greatness without a passion to be great..."

Chris Brogan: "Passion is what fuels the best of what we do. It’s that tireless drive..."

David Sparks: "I'm very fortunate to be passionate about many things: family, clients, music and Mac."

Passion 5: Growth

"When the wind of change is blowing - feel it, take it, love it..."

"...if you're passionate about your startup, you'll take (fear) as a challenge..."

"To grow your passionate startup you simply need to grow to become a great leader..."

Ryan Carson: "Remind your Team about your Mission and why it matters. Say it all the time."

Krzysztof Wysocki: "If you're passionate you'll be able to attract passionate customers..."

Laura Stack: "The most effective people are those with a hard-working, positive, can-do attitude."

Jason Womack: "Nobody in school teaches you the real work is figuring out what you LOVE doing."

Passion 6: Helping

"Passion to help is contagious and once you've helped a little you want to help more..."

"When you help & solve real problems more elegantly than the other guys, people notice."

"You'll be surprised by the impact of your help & by beautiful emails you'll receive..."

"The biggest earthquake ever... We were devastated, confused & didn't know what to do."

"Japan: My greatest time to date.. This is what happens if you're passionate to help..."

Tim Ferriss: "Service is an attitude. Find cause/vehicle that interests you most & make no apologies"

Michael Bungay Stanier: "If you’re getting more efficient but not doing the stuff that matters, who cares?”

Brian Tracy: "Successful people help others. Unsuccessful are always asking 'What's in it for me?'"

Ken Robinson: "What you do for yourself dies with you, what you do for others lives on forever."

Passion 7: Synergies

"When there is passion involved, the conventional status symbols don't matter..."

"When you share passion with others, your horizons stretch & your happiness grows"

"I'm passionate about my stuff so I can talk about it for hours :)"

"Be original, 'cos it’s the people with passion, guts, and daring that will win." Seth Godin

Gretchen Rubin: "Passion brings happiness to the person and a vicarious pleasure to onlookers."

Alexis Ohanian: "People who make a difference are those who put their hands up in weird situations"

Mike McDerment: "If you have a great idea... find someone who is passionate about your vision."

Stever Robbins: "If a vision doesn’t engage people emotionally, it won’t be a powerful motivator…"

Logout: Find your Passions

Michal Szafranski: "Open up for the unknown and the power of side effects..."

Grzegorz Marczak: "Thanks to my blog I am having a professional adventure of a life-time"

Maciek Budzich: "Passion, personal brand and one’s own business – I love the combination of these..."

John Hattie: "Passion reflects the thrills as well as the frustrations of learning..."

Augusto Pinaud: "It doesn't matter what your passion is, it matters how far you are willing to go with it"

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I wrote this book together with my online friends

In the book I included quotes by David Allen, Guy Kawasaki, MG Siegler, Fred Wilson, David Sparks, Michael Bungay Stanier, Ryan Carson, David Heinemeier Hansson, Jason Fried, Al Pittampali, Alexis Ohanian, Tim Ferriss, Steve Pavlina, Neil Patel, Leo Babauta, Stever Robbins, Michael Hyatt, Seth Godin, Gretchen Rubin, Graham Allcott, Brian Tracy, Scott Belsky, Chris Brogan, Mike McDerment, Matt Mullenweg, Jason Womack, Michal Szafranski, Grzegorz Marczak, Maciek Budzich, Augusto Pinaud, Victor Mazur, Simon Grabowski and others.

Special thanks to all these folks who sent me their quotes and stories right away despite of a very short notice. Thanks everyone for all that you do!

Version history

  • 23 May, 2014 - version 1.2 - with minor corrections, video link as a bonus
  • 21 May, 2014 - version 1.1 - with minor corrections, additional quotes, better PDF version
  • 20 May, 2014 - version 1.0 - initial book released on my 35th birthday!