Audiobook of the week: Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath

I have a long history with this book. I actually bought it like 2 years ago as a physical book and took it with me on virtually every trip I did... and never managed to read this book. What can I say... I'm a lousy reader... but good listener.

That's why after I "read" in an audio kind of way Chip and Dan's second book, Switch, I decided to just purchase the audio version of "Made to Stick" and listen to it. And boy was it great:

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Authors investigate why some ideas "stick" in our heads and are being passed on throughout centuries and others don't. Why some ideas are "brilliant" and others not.

Is it possible to engineer a "brilliant" and "sticky" idea? Chip and Dan say it's do-able.

Here's how. The idea needs to have these 6 features. Preferably all of them, in order to stick around:

S - Simple - it's gotta be simple - KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid! :-)
U - Unexpected - grab the attention where nobody's seeing it coming
C - Concrete - paint a mental picture of something tangible, real.
C - Credible - get people to see for themselves, or through the ones they respect
E - Emotional - people relate to emotions, they remember them, they care about others
S - Stories - a good story is worth everything, a good story conveys, sells, is remembered...
S - Should you get this book? Of course!


I highly recommend this book to anyone who has to communicate something to someone. Who needs to sell or convince... as with Switch, this book is relevant both to the business and to the real world.

Do your ideas stick?

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Posted on Thursday, May 27, 2010 (books,business)

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