☆ Why You Should Be Using Nozbe for Task Management [on: Jeff Sanders 5am Podcast]

I typically link to only the things I'm writing on other blogs but this mention of Nozbe by Jeff Sanders was just too good to ignore. Jeff is a good friend with a fantastic podcast where he promotes early rising and getting a day done before breakfast. I highly recommend it! What I really like about his recent Nozbe endorsement is that he writes this:


"Paperless is Key ... when I ditched physical paper I did not make a full transition. I left task management to my calendar and random post-it notes strung all over my house, desk, car, wallet, bathroom, and anywhere else a post-it could go... A few months ago I finally brought my system full-circle by completely letting go of all paper, including post-it notes, and let the digital cloud do all my heavy lifting."

"Empty Your Brain ... In my world today I have endless ideas and energy due to my diet, exercise routine, and early morning wake-up calls. However, the real productivity transformation occurred when I decided to filter all of my thoughts through a digital system and then focus on my current, high-priority tasks."

Amen to that brother! I keep saying that the main competitor for products like the Nozbe is not another to-do list app. It's the non-consumption. That's why I'm currently working on a new course that will hopefully convert more people to a digital system. But more on that later. Now please enjoy Jeff's podcast episode no. 113;

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Posted on Tuesday, August 25, 2015 (link)

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