★ My milestones in Alpha Efficiency Magazine

Apart from my Productive! Magazine there are other productivity magazines out there which are also doing a fantastic job of inspiring us to live up to our potential. One such magazine is Alpha Efficiency Magazine. And in the last issue they did an interview with me on my "milestones", here's what I had to say:

Me on the cover of Alpha Efficiency

They asked me about my last year's milestones - and I said:

"Wow, this year was about milestones for me and my team. The two that stand out are: the launch of Nozbe 2.0 - a complete rewrite of all of our Nozbe apps - something every sane business person tells you NOT to do. We made the decision a year and a half ago. We wanted Nozbe to be a truly mobile-first platform with mobile apps being as powerful as their desktop counterparts. The other objective was to re-think how Nozbe works and how it makes people more productive..."

"My personal milestone was my complete body makeover: losing 20 lbs, completing my first triathlon, doing more than 2000 miles of running and biking combined this year. Wow, this was a good year!"

Read more in the latest issue of the Alpha Efficiency Magazine

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Posted on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 (interviews)

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