☆ Organizing Your Life in English with Michael Sliwinski [on: Business English Q&A podcast]

I was invited for an interview at the Business English Q&A podcast where I talked with Ryan, the show's host, about the way I use my English every day as a non-native English speaker. In the podcast I explain how important of a role English played (and keeps on playing) in my life:

Organizing Your Life in English with Michael Sliwinski

I also share how I learned English when I was young and what role American movies and music played in all that...

I share my best and most effective language-learning tips (Polish is my mother tongue but apart from English I also speak fluently German and Spanish, and I can also communicate in Russian and even some Japanese)

I explain the importance of living and "breathing" English every day (after all, I write this blog in English)

Jump to listen to the entire episode (only 30 minutes!) »

Posted on Monday, August 17, 2015 (interview)

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