Cloud storage approach... my recommendations?

One of my Nozbe users asked me the other day this question:

I am a huge Nozbe fan, glad to be using it again and I really appreciate what you've done to make it an awesome tool. 

Question: what approach (if any) have you taken to create a cloud-based storage approach for your documents and reference materials, where you have access no matter where you are? I am currently testing a blend of Evernote, Dropbox, Windows Live/SkyDrive and a couple of others in a hodgepodge that is not working the way it needs to ... seamless. 

SO, any recommendations? 

Here's what I responded to him:

Hello Steve and thanks for your kind message! 

I actually use a blend of Evernote and Dropbox - I use Evernote for all notes (and try to produce as few "documents" as possible and use notes in Evernote instead) as they sync with Nozbe.. and I use Dropbox for the rest of my files and as Dropbox will sync with Nozbe in a few weeks, this will make it even better :-) 

Once I'm done with a document in Dropbox and I no longer need it, I upload it to Nozbe to the appropriate project, so I don't keep the documents on my computer locally when I'm not actively working on them. (but I have them in Nozbe, so they never get lost) 

Hope it helps, 
- Michael

To sum up - this is my basic flow:

  • I try to produce as few files as possible, I use Evernote and produce mainly notes
  • When I do use files, I put them in Dropbox and keep them there
  • When I'm done with these files (projects completed) I either move them to a "completed" directory in Dropbox or upload them to Nozbe to appropriate project

That's it. Evernote syncs with Nozbe and Dropbox will sync with Nozbe soon, too. So it's a great approach which not only gives me a cloud-based storage but also project-relevant access to my files and notes.

How do you handle cloud storage?

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Posted on Monday, February 21, 2011 (cloud,productivity)

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Juan Ros
Feb 21, 2011 17:24
Great news that Nozbe will soon sync with Dropbox! Another reason why Nozbe is the best app available for getting things done!
Feb 21, 2011 18:17
My solution is quite similar (Evernote and Dropbox), but I don't worry about the space being consumed in Dropbox -- I just keep it well-organized. I've got about 30GB in there, but that's not a big deal. Even on my netbook, 30GB isn't that much to worry about, considering that it houses ALL of my files.
Michael Sliwinski
Feb 21, 2011 21:44
I just try to generate as few files as possible so that I can put most of my stuff as a note to Evernote or to Nozbe so that everything I do is project-related and when done, archived. Juan, yes, Dropbox sync is coming very soon. Mickey, it's true that 30G is not that much, I just don't want to organize my files anymore now :-)