★ Writing code on the iPhone 6 Plus. It can be done! How I wrote my "dice" app...

The other day my daughter and I wanted to play a board game. But we couldn't find a dice. I instinctively started searching for a dice app on the AppStore but what I found there were some shady apps. So I decided to write my own dice web app... How hard can it be, right? Especially that I had only my iPhone on me and no additional computer within my reach? Well, here's how I did it:

code on iPhone

Firstly I needed some graphics. I downloaded the images from Wikipedia to my camera roll and uploaded them to my server using Transmit app.

Later I opened Textastic app and created a blank index.php file and right from that app I uploaded it to my server next to the images. Then I wrote a simple code with my iPhone using the Textastic app and uploaded the file to the server again. The code basically rotates the dice images at random. Easy.

That's it, my dice app was online and both me and my daughter used it to play the board game. And she loved our new dice :-) The whole process took me less than 15 minutes and it was so much fun to have done it on the iPhone.

P.s. As I have Git installed on my server I could have used Prompt app to commit my new dice app to Git. Geeky, but so cool!

Question: What have you created on your iPhone lately?

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Posted on Monday, August 24, 2015 (iphone)

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