★ Consistency is key to productivity. How I started blogging every weekday.

I've always struggled to blog consistently. And in May I just posted 1 (yes: one) blog post. And it's not like I didn't have things to post about. I've always had a whole backlog of drafts, recordings, etc. So I set my goal for June: post every weekday. And I can write with pride that I managed to pull that off. And I keep posting. Check my archives. Here's how I did it (one step/post at a time):

Consistency is key to productivity

My blog is the hub of everything that I do.

That's why I didn't just focus on original content but also links to my articles on other blogs. I actually divided my blog posts to 6 categories and each of them has a different symbol:

long blog post or Newsletter

☀ announcement - of new issue of Michael Sliwinski Magazine

★ short blog post (like this one) written on my iPhone 6 Plus

☆ link to a blog post written somewhere else, like Nozbe blog

► new episode of my Productive! Show

▷ new episode of The Podcast

Next up: regular exercise. Like every day.

I'm a triathlete and I am exercising pretty regularly but I have recently let it slip a little so now it's time to go back to my old routine of doing an exercise a day (run, bike ride, trx, swim...) - today I woke up earlier and did a 10km run so I feel already better about myself.

And yes, I will keep blogging regularly here and sending you an email about it every two weeks, if you want that is, of course. And you do want it, right? If you do want me to email you, take my free book :-)

Question: What is it that you do consistently?

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Posted on Tuesday, July 7, 2015 (productivity,blogging)

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