Dear dairy - after more than two weeks of blogging by email

I've always had problems keeping the schedule and posting on blogs on a regular basis... among all the reasons and excuses the one that really stood out was the fact that you'd have to log in to your blogging platform and click on "new post", etc. You get the picture... the logging part was hard enough from the psychologic point of view... Posterous to the rescue...

Suddenly I can blog by just sending email!

This changes everything - to blog regularly I don't have to log in anywhere, I don't have to "maintain" my blog in a traditional sense... all I do is just send an email and it gets converted to a blog post.

Email is still my killer app

I'm using email every day and I've already developed several cool habits that help me deal with email. Now with my blog being integrated with the email, the barrier of entry is very low.

Offline blogging? Drafts anyone?

My mail application is also perfect for drafting posts. Whenever I have an idea for a blog post, all I do is just write an email with a subject line and a few notes in the email body and save it to Drafts. That's it. I can blog offline and online like this.

Handling comments is a breeze... just reply to emails!

My blog is fairly new, I'm getting quite a good traffic of readers from various places but not that many comments yet. However when you do comment on any of my blog posts, I receive your comment as an email that I can reply to... and when I do reply, the comment automagically shows up below your comment. Again, working perfectly with my email flow.

Email is 50 years old, and is still in a good shape

Yes, we have TwitterFacebookGoogle Wave and the like, but Email is still the number 1 communication tool for each and every one of us. It is for me. This is why any startup or web application that plays nicely with email is a winner for me. My next startup will have a lot to do with email, but psst, it's still in alpha stages :-)

So what does it take me to blog every day? All I do is just send one additional email message per day. That's all there is to it. This is my current cost of blogging every day - one more email message :-)

A few recommendations:

- check out posterous if you want to start blogging via email

Question: Is Email also your killer app? What are your tips and tricks for email processing? How do you like my email-generated blog?
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Posted on Friday, November 20, 2009 (blogging,email,productivity)

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Nov 20, 2009 12:47
I have been using Posterous for a while now, but your post has just made me think about using it for more than just a place to put interesting things I find.

Thanks for a great post.

Nov 20, 2009 17:44
Did you already notice that you have nearly no feedback? Not at your GTD blog, not here. You write a lot but no one listens. Nearly no one.
Michael Sliwinski
Nov 20, 2009 19:22

Thanks for your great comment and for your participation. I really like the way posterous makes blogging so easy. I didn't want to use it as a tumblr kind of blog but more of a real blog... a diary about internet business productivity.


Thanks for your feedback but I need to disagree. I just started two weeks ago and from the amount of traffic, emails I receive and tweets I get I can say that so far my daily blogging experiment was a success. I've always wanted to write about the stuff I'm writing and it's also a great fun. I'm hoping that amount of comments will gradually increase but you don't have access to all the statistics and channels that people use to communicate with me. Anyway, thanks for stopping by.