★ Christmas gift ideas: give experiences instead of things

Three days to Christmas and we're all thinking about the preparations, gifts and everything around it. I just came back to my home town to spend this special day with my parents. And while I was completing my checklist of gifts for my family and friends I remembered my last year's gift I got from my wife:

michael driving Ferrari

Nope. My wife didn't buy me a Ferrari. But what she did do, is recognize I'm a big car guy and Formula 1 fan... So she got me a voucher to drive a Ferrari on an actual F1 track in Barcelona!

Suffice to say I loved my gift! And what we did is make a weekend out of it! We flew to Barcelona for a romantic weekend, thanks to a friend got a really nice hotel for ourselves and made a weekend out of it! So not only did I get to drive a Ferrari but I also got to spend a great weekend with my lovely wife! Now that's a gift I'll keep in my memories for a long long time!

And it's not really about anything that fancy as driving a Ferrari. When my mom celebrated her birthday we got her a lunch in a very historic place... So basically we organized a whole-day trip with my parents to celebrate her birthday! She loved it!

And I'm not saying all things are bad! Most are great! Just I think we give too many "stuff" as gifts. Let's think we can give experiences and we can give someone really amazing memories!

Question: What experiences have you given as gifts lately?

P.S. If you're curious this is how I enjoyed my last year's gift:


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Posted on Monday, December 21, 2015 (life)

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