Friday links: Travel, Remote Working and Pirates

Let's get back with the Friday's tradition of sending you some of the most interesting things I read about this week and this time they relate to traveling, distance and ... yes, startups.

You love him or you hate him, but Mike has his moments and this article is one of them. He captured the mindset of guys taking risks to run their own game... I'd like to think I'm also a "pirate" running Nozbe

I really dig how these guys work. My team is all working remotely and we've grown bigger recently so we're also experimenting new ways to be more productive and more effective.

I love traveling and learning new languages and I've always been traveling a lot without spending too much money on it... this is an eye-opening guide :-)

Talking about me traveling, did you see my yesterday's Productive! Show video recorded over my recent weekend trip to London?

Have a great weekend!
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Posted on Friday, November 12, 2010 (followfriday,startup,travel)

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