Friday Readership - Business Motivational Quotes, eBook readers and Meetings

So Friday's coming to an end... it's almost weekend so I decided to post some of the cool articles that stuff that caught my attention this week. Let's start with the poster I found on the Signal vs Noise blog:


This is so true - and it's why everyone in my company works remotely and when we meet, we eat lunches, we hang out and talk, we don't work together "physically", we use this time to recharge our batteries, get to know each other better and have fun... and loosely talk about our business.

I'm still not sure if what Mike is writing will really be the case so quickly and if 2010 will bring so much change... however due to the fact that the content is "in the cloud" this could really start happening... 

I've read my last books on my iPhone and now I also started purchasing audio-books... there will be lots of new ways of digesting content and it'll be really exciting to see what the consumers will eventually choose as their "dominant" way of "reading"... or there will be no dominant way? Just a set of really powerful alternatives?

Neil has compiled a list of really cool quotes, I'd also add additional one by Henry Ford:

"If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses." -- Henry Ford.

Out of the list Neil posted I really enjoyed the one about "buses" by Richard Branson and about competitors by ... Henry Ford, but there are a lot more that will definitely keep you going and keep you motivated while you think about your startup this weekend.

Do you have any inspirational quotes for me for this weekend and next week and beyond? What do you think about new era of publishing with ebook readers taking place of books?

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Posted on Saturday, December 12, 2009 (business,ebook,followfriday,gtd)

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