Friday readership: On writing books, worrying and multitasking

It's Friday and it's time for my typical blog post compilation and this time I had hard time choosing 3 articles for this one as there were quite a few that caught my attention, but here they are in no particular order:

Reminds me of the discussion we had on my iPad blog post and multitasking. Here's Patrick's take: What Apple is really doing is making technology disappear, surfacing content in a very human way. Even if processing power and battery life are currently capable of delivering multitasking, I’m not sure Apple will implement it in the way we think of multitasking today...
Something I tend to forget and something my wife should practice, too... we shouldn't worry too much, it leads to bad things happening. Here's what Gail says about it: As a mom, when my girls go to a place of worry, I do the only thing I know to do. Since I can’t take it from them, I encourage them to “wait to worry.” Just postpone it. This is procrastination at its best.
Why write a book? by Seth Godin
As I'm contemplating writing a book about bootstrapping a startup, I took Seth's article very seriously: The goal isn't always to spread an idea. Sometimes the goal is to make change happen. A book is a physical souvenir, a concrete instantiation of your ideas in a physical object, something that gives your ideas substance and allows them to travel.
Do you worry too much? Do you really multitask? Do you want to write a book? Yet alone a blog?

Posted on Friday, February 19, 2010 (followfriday,life,productivity)

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