Friday Readership: Seth Godin says we should ship now, ship often

This week's Friday Readership will be all about shipping - I listened to Seth's Godin presentation at the 99% Conference and it really hit home, as I'm about to ship our new online web app that and my "lizard brain" is not helping me much with getting the product ready. But this month we'll definitely ship the beta version. I encourage you to listen to Seth now:

Here's more from Seth about Shipping:

Here Seth says: "Just because it's easy to ship doesn't mean you shouldn't push yourself. The art is in ignoring the fear that pushes you to polish too much..."

Here Seth's is motivating us to ship: "What have you done with your connection skills that has been worthy of criticism, that moved the dial and that changed the world? Go, do that."

Question: What are you shipping soon? Why not now? Now if I can only finish our product and ship it this month!

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Posted on Friday, June 4, 2010 (business,followfriday,startup)

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