Get your print version of Productive Magazine for just a few bucks!

When I published the first issue of the Productive Magazine, many people asked about a print version. I went with Lulu and published a print version there. However, it turned out to be quite expensive. Enter Magcloud - the new service of publishing print magazines I signed up for Magcloud (as per suggestion of several of my readers) and posted both issues of the magazine there and they both turned out to be pretty affordable (and full color at that!), just have a look: Productive Magazine Issue #2 is only $7 bucks! So at a cost of a beer you can get a nicely color-printed version of your favorite magazine. Productive Magazine Issue #1 is only $9 bucks! This one is two bucks more expensive than issue #2 because it's bigger in size. Still, three cups of coffee and it's yours to have. My question to you my dear readers - would you buy a printed version of the Productive Magazine? Does it even make sense for me to set it up for you? Do you print the magazine by yourself?

Posted on Friday, May 8, 2009 (magazine)

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