Google Plus - I ain't bothered

For the last couple of days the Internet is raving about yet another attempt from Google at the "social media" (after Wave and Buzz) called "Google+". People ask each others for invites to this new service... but I can't be bothered. I don't need another social network, do you?
Nothing new

First of all, Google plus apparently is a verbatim copy of Facebook with some hyped "circles" features. What's an added benefit of this network? What is in it for me to switch to this new network apart from just having "yet another profile" on the web? And honestly, Google+ looks like Facebook+ - it's just copied Facebook with one more feature or two.

Collecting friends all over again?

It's enough I have my friends on Facebook, connections on Linkedin, followers on Twitter, close friends on Foursquare... and you want me to start gathering friends on Google+?

Facebook is my social media platform, Linkedin is my professional network, Twitter is my audience, on Foursquare I have the closest friends I want to tell where I am (although, to be honest, I don't use it all that much and when I do, I post it on Twitter anyway)... and where does Google+ match this mix? It doesn't... because it wants to be my second Facebook.

I haven't seen any compelling use case of Google+

I don't need another Facebook. One is enough. Google needs to find a real-use-case scenarios that will compel you all to go to this new platform. If you do, I'll follow. For now, I'm not convinced - but I'd like to know what's your take on that.

How about an invite?

I don't want to be invited to Google+. From what I read (and I read many articles on this) it's just another Facebook, done by Google. Thank you but no thank you - just like my favorite British comedian Catherine Tate says - I ain't bothered - only she does it better than me:

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Posted on Thursday, June 30, 2011 (business)

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James Tonn
Jun 30, 2011 20:50
I'm with you Michael. I love Larry and Sergey and the Google organization, but they have a few products that need more work to stand out. Blogspot is one of them as well.
- James
Michael Sliwinski
Jul 1, 2011 05:56
I think Google+ is just a "me too" product and I thought Google can do better than that. They must be seriously desperate. I agree with you James - they should focus on their strengths and build upon those... but what do we know, right? With all that money and talent that's all they could come up with? Seriously?
Tomasz Mioduszewski
Jul 1, 2011 13:55
I'm a kind of strange person - frankly speaking I dont see real value with all this socal networks. What means that I have hundrets of friends? Well... to me it seams that you dont have any real friends because you spend most of your "social" time socializing with a person you have never seen and forgot about your close neighbourhood. And after all if one needs to contatct with a friend: e-mail, telephone or most of all this very oldfashioned MEETING is something that really matters!
I observe a person who is very active on facebook, and some forums. Last time with sadness in his voice he said that he is not making a birthday party, because everyone is so busy, that they have no time to meet (and as fas as I know most of those people live in the same city!). And that's those friends from facebook? No, thanks - not for me.
Al Pittampalli
Jul 1, 2011 14:20
I don't think Google has done a good job positioning their product against Facebook well. You're right, right now, it seems like a me too product. Google is smart, I can imagine Google+ is significantly different enough from Facebook to add value in new ways, I'm just not sure they've done a good job marketing what that difference actually is. I know I'm not clear.
Case Fincher
Jul 1, 2011 16:37
Funny to read this kind of post from a person who admires innvoation and sells "mee too" to-do list program / service. G+ gives what fb lacks: your post may be visible to a certain group of people. Is g+ better than fb? Dunno, haven't used it enough. Would it be nice if fb gave easy "categorization" of your contacts? Sure, that would be great. Anyways, I'd wait some time before blindly bashing a service which is only available for tens of hours on the market. Gmail is sth that changed the way I use email. Is gmail great? It is for me. But I understand why people are shy of using it. Nobody writes today that gmail is "me too" AOL.
Michael Sliwinski
Jul 1, 2011 17:46
To me social networks serve different purposes: Twitter = Broadcast, Linkedin = biz connection, Facebook = biz (and some personal) engagement. Google+ doesn't seem to discover anything new.

@Tomasz - it is really sad when people spend more time on FB than with actually engaging with people around them.

@Al - maybe G+ has a potential but for now I didn't get it - I will just watch and see what people will do - I ain't bothered for now.

@Case - I guess we understand both "innovation" and "mee too" differently. I built Nozbe to solve my own problem, Google built + to copy Facebook.

Jul 2, 2011 11:19
I think this post is like the ones that Mac haters do - the vast majority of them critisizes Apple products relying on others opinions, but never ever used them. I'm not gonna defend Google. I've used G+ for a few days and I think it needs a lot of work to do. But I just don't understand why people are expressing their opinions that are not based on their own experience only on opinions of others, which are never fully objective.
Michael Sliwinski
Jul 2, 2011 17:53
I'm just not a fan of "collecting" new friends all over again if I don't have a compelled reason to do so. When I joined Quora and saw that they actually make me re-find my friends again, I quit. When I joined Google Buzz and saw I had no-one following me and more than 20K followers on Twitter, I stopped using it - I won't invest my time in collecting new "friends" again.

Same goes to Google+. There is just no reason for me to use it... so I ain't bothered. I'm not saying the service sucks, I'm saying I don't see a reason to use it. Do you see a reason in switching from Facebook or using it alongside Facebook, Kris? If you do, please do tell me. I really want to know.