Have a nice day - everyday words that make a difference - not only on Christmas

I've noticed that during Christmas time people are exceptionally nice to one another. Why can't we be like this all year long?


Christmas time is special

People tend to smile at one another, wish each other great time... it's really nice to go shopping and spend time among people because everyone's so joyful.

Let's maintain Christmas joy throughout the whole 2010... and beyond!

Why are we only joyful and nice to one another on Christmas? Why can't we be nice to each other every day? Yes, we can!

"Have a nice day" - words that make a difference

It's incredible how these words make people smile. You meet someone, you say bye and add "have a nice day" and they smile back at you and say "thank you, likewise".

I've tested this over last month and I'm more than certain these words make a great impact. Clerks in the shops are nicer to me... even security guys, normally totally cold, tend to smile back and say "likewise"

"How are you?" isn't all that fortunate

In Europe saying/asking "how are you?" is a risky business. People believe this "American" way of saluting people is artificial and implies a positive answer even if your day goes really bad.

What's worse - Europeans will usually answer sincerely - if their day goes bad, they'd admit that. And you don't want to hear their horror stories or spend lots of time comforting them. You just want to say "hi".

Just wish a nice day.... every day... and everyone's happy.

I decided to try to maintain Christmas atmosphere during whole 2010 and keep on greeting people nicely, wishing them a "nice day" and smiling.... counting on a smile back. It's a great way of interacting with people and in most of the cases it makes everyone's day really great and really "nice".

How do you greet people? Do you ask how they are? Which phrase works for you and makes everyday life nicer for each and everyone of us?

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Posted on Thursday, December 31, 2009 (2010,life,xmas)

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Sep 13, 2010 20:21
Hey Michael, first I hope your having a nice day - I stumbled upon this ste and wanted to see how your holding up your "have a nice day" strategy? Have the responses changed over the year due to economic situations...?
Michael Sliwinski
Sep 14, 2010 15:02
I still say "have a nice day" to everyone I meet. I'm trying to be even more smiling, friendly and polite to everyone around me.

The thing is - it goes both ways - and is contagious - when I smile, people smile and I smile even more... and I have a great day myself :-)

Especially in these trying times people need to feel their work is appreciated (if not by money, then at least by appreciation). Thanks Todd for a great comment and have a great day and a very productive rest of the week!