I have to admit this - 5 reasons why iPad is the future of computing

OK, living in Europe is great, but has some issues - like you can't get your hands on the iPad as soon as my your American friends, even though you've written posts how it will improve productivity and your inner geek has been waiting for this device since announcement. Today, courtesy of my friends from Macoscope, I could touch and play with this new kind of computing device, here's what I found out:
1. This is indeed a magical device

OK, so it's just a bigger iPod touch... well yes, but the bigger screen makes it really magical. It's like having your own, portable and tiny (and useful) Microsoft surface - you're touching content. Really. You're touching web sites, pinching and zooming when you want to, you feel like if your hands are magic. You never realize this until you play with this device. Once you've done that, you can't help screaming: I want one!

2. It's the future of computing

It really is. I mean, you feel like you're in a sci-fi movie. Seriously. The experience is that good. It changes the way you're using computers, suddenly computing is becoming really exciting. And unbelievable. And futuristic. And fun.

3. It makes you smile. Like all of the time.

This is why I bought my Macbook Air in the first place. No other computer has given that much of a feeling of excitement in my life. I've had my fist generation of Air and now I'm on the revision C (1.5 years with Airs now) and I'm still in love with the machine and it makes me smile working on it. I had similar feelings when I played with the iPad today. It's fun all of the time... even when you're not playing games.

4. It will make you productive. Seriously.

As I mentioned, even the poorly designed web sites like IMDB look great on the iPhone. The iPad app is even better. Same happens for the rest of the dedicated apps for the iPad. This is why we're building Nozbe for the iPad, too (due to be released in May). The productivity on this device will be pure fun. You won't procrastinate anymore... that is... if you don't launch any of the games :-)

5. Some of the computer setups will have to perish

Today, most of people use laptops. I use my Air as my only computer and hook it up to an external monitor when I'm working. And I might keep it that way. And I will keep my iPhone, too... but from what I hear, many people will ditch their laptops and come back to great and powerful desktop computers like iMacs and travel with iPad. Some want even ditch their iPhones for simple phone-and-text devices, too (maybe Nokia will survive after all) but one thing is certain. iPad will find its place and people will keep it and use it many many cool ways.

One more thing

This review was very enthusiastic, but I was surprised myself by the device. I didn't expect it to be that cool. My friend Augusto loves iPad for reading and other stuff, but my other friend Michael Hyatt is not that thrilled with the device. Your milage may vary... Meanwhile I'm getting one of these babies asap.

Question: Are you getting one too?

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Posted on Tuesday, April 13, 2010 (apple,ipad,productivity)

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John Kendrick
Apr 14, 2010 01:47
I had decided to wait to see some GTD apps made for ipad, but after reading your take, I might have to stop by an Apple store this weekend for a test drive. John
Michael Sliwinski
Apr 14, 2010 02:02
Our GTD iPad app will be released in May. We're first releasing the iPhone app and later the iPad app. But after today I can't wait to have Nozbe on the iPad, it'll be fantastic experience. This iPad is really something new.

Thanks for your comment John!

Daniel Vasilios Nielsen
Apr 14, 2010 13:55
I also live in europe and cant wait to get one of these for productivity and for fun :)
Michael Sliwinski
Apr 15, 2010 13:07
Now that they've moved the iPad international launch, I'll ask one of my friends traveling to the States to bring me one of these babies... Can't wait another month for this to happen!

Thanks for your comment Daniel, let's be patient :-)

Larry Brewer
Mar 16, 2011 17:31
Thanks for the information. I've considered buying one for my wife, and this may be the last push I need. If it saves her 15 minutes a day in productivity, it pays for itself.