★ Using my age-old Zagg keyboard with my iPad Pro

Sometimes things just have to run a full circle. Before I wrote the #iPadOnly book with my friend Augusto, I started a series on this blog... And it all began with me getting an iPad 3 and a ZaggKeys Flex Keyboard and a decision to make the iPad my main computing device. Now, today when I was working in a cafe, my setup looked like this:

ipad pro and zagg keys

I bought this keyboard 3,5 years ago for my iPad 3. I've gone through iPad 4, iPad Air and iPad Air2... up until I got my iPad pro.

I've had different keyboard throughout this time: Logitech Ultrathin for iPad4, Ultrathin for iPad Air... And I've given away my Zagg to my mom when I gave her my trusty iPad 3 (she still loves it!).

Last Christmas I noticed she wasn't using the external keyboard so I decided to get my Zagg back and try it again. It is very compact, very light and its cover transforms to an iPad stand that can even support the huge iPad pro (see above). And as I don't intend to buy this new Smart Cover with keyboard, my trusty Zagg keyboard will find its use once again. The very same keyboard that converted me to the #iPadOnly life...

A full circle...

Question: are you using a Bluetooth keyboard with your iPad? Which one?

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Posted on Tuesday, November 17, 2015 (ipadonly,ipadpro)

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