Lucky number 7 for Magazine and Nozbe

Today is a great day for me personally and marks several milestones in my career. And this day has lots of "seven" in it. It's February 17 and we've just launched issue #7 of Productive Magazine and Nozbe now officially supports 7 languages... read on:
Productive Magazine hits issue number #7

This issue is important for several reasons:
  • I've interviewed Michael Hyatt - my role model, a person I've followed for a long long time and finally got to meet last November (we had a great lunch together in Nashville, Tennessee)
  • It's the first issue this year and looks like we'll make it a bi-monthly release cycle this year
  • We've got a great team behind me with Delfina, Lori and Piotr who help me make the magazine happen
  • We've got great contributors including Leo Babauta, Pat Brans, Chris Edgar, Mike Vardy, Michael Hyatt, Laura Stack and others... so the content will remain top-notch for the next 5 issues this year for sure :-)
  • Just stroke a deal with good guys from Macoscope who will help me provide the iPad version for free for your this year...

As you can see, the magazine is doing great and we've got a lot going on for you this year. We'll help you make 2011 the most productive ever!

Nozbe now supports 7 languages bringing productivity in native languages to millions

For the first four years of running Nozbe it was only in English... and now we also support Japanese, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, German and French. Moreover, we have dedicated support staff for all of these languages so if you're Japanese, you can browse our Japanese web site, sign up to Nozbe in Japanese (and you'll be able to pay in Yen soon) and if you have a question, write to us in Japanese and we'll respond to you right away in your language. It's awesome.

For a person who's born in Poland, has lived in four different countries in Europe until now and speaks fluently four languages this is a big deal. I wanted to make Nozbe more international and the dream is coming a reality.

I'm not superstitious but I like number 7 today

Yes, both milestones come in number 7 today and I like it. I'm very passionate about these two projects and they both define my work and daily activities. Thanks to Nozbe and Productive Magazine I happen to connect with great people all around the world and get to grow both personally and professionally. Yes, I really like number 7 today.

Did you download the magazine #7 today?

I'm Michael Sliwinski and I'm an entrepreneur who's also the...
.. Founder of - a time and project management web application
.. Editor of Productive! Magazine - a global PDF publication on productivity
.. and a blogger as well as a producer of a weekly 2-minute Productive! show.

Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2011 (magazine,startup)

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Feb 18, 2011 13:00
Mike, So many language versions! Which one is the most popular apart from the English one?
Michael Sliwinski
Feb 18, 2011 13:36
Nozbe is very popular in Japan (Doumo Arigatou Gozaimasu), Netherlands and Belgium (heel erg bedankt), Poland (Dzięki wielkie!) and other countries are also slowly catching up and I'm excited to see them boom anytime soon, as well :-) Let's hope for the best. Thanks for your comment Paul!