Meet the Editor and Nozbe 2.0 at the GTD Summit in San Francisco

I would like you to join me in San Francisco between March 11-13 (in a week!) for the GTDsummit organized by David Allen, the “father” of Getting Things Done. Meet me and Nozbe during the first GTD Summit There have been very few times when the improved productivity of organizations and the people within them has been so critical, or when own personal focus and control been so challenged as today. As we have to think about “doing more with less” and working “smarter not harder,” the use of productivity methods that really work has never been so crucial. This coming March 11-13, I will be joining best selling author and executive coach David Allen at the GTD Summit in San Francisco. David is the author of “Getting Things Done”, often referred to as “GTD”, which has sold more than one million copies in a hundred countries. The GTD methodology is in high demand. It is being replicated in more than a hundred software applications, buzzed about in hundreds of blogs, and incorporated into the professional development curricula of dozens of global corporations. I am inviting you to learn and apply what David Allen, other business leaders and I have to say about “Getting Things Done” in challenging times. I think you’ll find something at the Summit that will inspire, motivate, and advance your ability to stay focused and clear in a potentially overwhelming and uncertain world. You’ll be able to network, explore more options, and get “out of the weeds” with some elevated perspectives. 35% discount admission fee for Productive Magazine readers! As part of my network of friends I’ve been authorized to extend to you a special discount of 35% (more than $800) off the Summit fee. To register just contact us and we’ll send you the discount code I will be joining David as a panelist during the summit and also Nozbe will be joining the David Allen Company as a Sponsor and Exhibitor – make sure to stop by our booth! Nozbe Booth – meet me in person, watch a presentation of Nozbe 2.0 beta and receive a gift from Nozbe! I hope that you will join us and I’ll see you there! Michael Sliwinski Editor, Productive! Magazine Founder, Nozbe – Simply Get Things Done! P.S. One more thing – as a panelist and speaker, David let me invite three friends at a very very hefty discount – if you want one – contact me – only the first three people will be given this opportunity.

Posted on Thursday, March 5, 2009 (magazine)

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Jan 2, 2010 12:58
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Jan 2, 2010 13:13
I love the tips on this site, they are always to the point and just the information I was looking for. Its hard to find good content these days in the world of spam and garbage sites.