📱 MKBHD goes iPadOnly and I really like his way of using the iPad!

Today by accident I saw a video of MKBHD using only iPad as his only “portable computer” and I was really impressed how he was doing it. Here are my takeaways:

  • He doesn't use any cover, not even keyboard folio which is strange for me as after I got my first iPad Pro I always had the keyboard on it. However after watching his video I'm tempted to use the iPad more like this and only use the keyboard folio when I'm really writing a longer piece - like this blog post or my No Office Book
  • He's been using the iPadOS beta and I have installed it only on my testing device because of the iCloud Drive problems the beta has. Now that beta 6 is out which solved most of these issues I'm tempted to get it, too! Especially the new "small" keyboard with "swiping" is cool on the new iOS.
  • iPad is just more fun to use! that's what he says in the video and that's what I've been preaching all along!
  • photo editing on the iPad works! for him and it seems the pro workflows are coming to the iPad.
  • There's a solid learning curve to the iPadOS Shortcuts so I need to study these, too!
  • iPad is not a computer replacement but a computer alternative and I think this best encapsulates this video!

I must say I am very happy that more and more people are taking on the "iPad only challenge" and I'm looking forward to the developments on the iPadOnly front and how his way of working on the iPad influences the way I work...

Posted on Wednesday, August 14, 2019 (iPadOnly)

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